March Of The Eagles

March of the Eagles patched to support Crusader Kings 2 mod tools

Paradox Interactive has pushed out patch 1.01 for March of the Eagles. The patch adds in the same editing suite seen in Crusader Kings 2, allowing for some pretty spectacular modding opportunities, and also adds new content such as historical generals. It applies a few fixes, too – better retreat paths, and not allowing low […]

March Of The Eagles headlines

  • March of the Eagles demo available now

    March of the Eagles is now available in taster form via a freshly-released Steam demo. The tightly-focused strategy effort is all about warfare, rather than national management, and takes in a ten year slice of the Napoleonic Wars. It’ll still bend your brain through five dimensions, though.

  • March of the Eagles out now, launch trailer released

    The latest entry in Paradox Interactive’s stable of intricate strategy titles is March of the Eagles, a minutely-detailed look at a ten year slice of the Napoleonic Wars. It’s not the centuries-long spans you often see in grand strategy efforts, but that’s because March of the Eagles is focused on war, not empire buildings. Flex […]

  • March of the Eagles pre-orders open

    Paradox Interactive has opened pre-orders for March of the Eagles. The historic strategy game is due on February 18 for $20, but pre-orders will be 10% off and include a free copy of Sengoku. March of the Eagles is a detailed examination of the Napoleonic Wars, with gameplay spanning just ten years and focusing sharply […]

  • March of the Eagles - first developer diary released

    The first developer diary has been released for March of the Eagles. Hosted by designer Chris King, the video shows the map changing through seasons and other on screen action. Also on display, is the two tiered model of “feeding and arming” your troops, which can lead to “difficult decisions about what to build and […]

  • Teaser trailer for March of the Eagles released

    A teaser trailer for the war strategy game set in early 1800’s Europe, March of the Eagles, has been released showing what to expect in the game.

  • March of the Eagles detailed, mashes up Hearts of Iron and Europa Universalis

    March of the Eagles is the new war strategy title from Paradox Interactive. It takes place during the Napoleonic War era, and blends Hearts of Iron’s combat with the strategy and visual style of Europa Universalis. That’s good news for strategy fans by the way.

  • March of the Eagles is now accepting your beta application

    March of the Eagles, a strategy wargame covering the ten years of the Napoleonic Wars, is now accepting beta applications according to Paradox. Formerly known as Napoleon’s Campaigns 2, in it, players will take control of any one nation of Europe, form coalitions and and other war gaming stuff.