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Rockstar on GTA V: We need to think of characters and the city first

Speaking in a interview with The Times, Rockstar co-president Dan Houser has admitted that they would need to think of the main location and the main characters for Grand Theft Auto V before it goes into pre-development. It’s really the first we’ve heard of any kinds of development work in GTA V, although a location […]

Manhunt 2 headlines

  • Rockstar announces Legacy collection of PSP titles

    Rockstar has announced the Rockstar Legacy Collection of PSP games. Starting today, Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition, Midnight Club: L.A. Remix and Manhunt 2 will be available for digital download from PSN for PSP. An official Rockstar-branded storefront on PSN will also launch on October 22, and it will offer new and Legacy Rockstar titles […]

  • Adults-only version of Manhunt 2 in the works, says ESRB

    The ESRB seems to have sprung a leak the size of Sony, yet game publishers keep letting it in on all their darkest secrets. And hoo boy, does this one look dark. According to an ESRB listing, Rockstar’s set to release an AO version of Manhunt 2 on the PC. So, what makes this new […]

  • Manhunt 2 Wii dated for the UK

    According to this IGN report, the Wii version of Manhunt 2 will release in the UK on October 31. If you haven’t already played it, rest assured that it’s not actually that good. Buy it anyway, you hardcore-starved Wii lovers, you.

  • Rockstar denies Manhunt 2 Wii for August

    Rockstar’s denied Manhunt will release foe Wii this August, despite, Nintendo UK claiming the contrary. “We have no confirmed release date set for Manhunt 2 in Europe,” a Rockstar spokesperson told Eurogamer this afternoon. Not much else to add, really.

  • Rockstar "pleased" at Manhunt 2 decision

    Rockstar’s just made a statement on the decision this morning to grant an 18 certificate to Manhunt 2, clearing it for release in the UK. “We are pleased that the VAC has reaffirmed its decision recognizing that Manhunt 2 is well within the bounds established by other 18+ rated entertainment,” said the company. “Rockstar Games […]

  • Manhunt 2 to be released in the UK

    It’s true. After months of legal wrangling the BBFC has granted Manhunt 2 an 18 certificate and the game will be released. The BBFC isn’t exactly thrilled about it. “As I have said previously, we never take rejection decisions lightly, and they always involve a complex balance of considerations,” said BBFC director David Cooke. “We […]

  • Games hit UK frontpages as evidence mounts over impending political "clampdown"

    Following this week’s news that wary glances are being cast behind the scenes of Tanja Byron’s upcoming report, British national daily The Guardian is this morning carrying, “Ministers plan clampdown on ‘unsuitable’ video games” as its main headline. The story mirrors earlier reports this week in that it claims the Byron Report is to recommend […]