Major Minor's Majestic March

Masaya Matsuura: WMP not a “huge advantage”

Parappa the Rappa creator Masaya Matsuura has told MTV that there isn’t “a huge advantage to adapting to MotionPlus”. Currently at work on his new rhythm game Major Minor’s Majestic March, Matsuura went onto say that games using the new hardware need to be built for it from the get go. “We tried to adapt […]

Major Minor's Majestic March headlines

  • New Major Minor's Majestic March video

    See Majesco’s Wii-exclusive rhythm action title in full swing after the drop. Far too cheery for us. It’s only 46 seconds though, thank God. By Mike Bowden

  • Majesco's E3 led by Major Minor's Majestic March

    Majesco’s announced an E3 line-up headed by Major Minor’s Majestic March, the NanaOn-Sha-developed band game. Cooking Mama, Zoo Hospital, Babysitting Mania: it’s the roster with it all. After the link.

  • New Major Minor's Majestic March shots released

    Majesco’s released ten new shots of NanaOn-Sha’s Major Minor’s Majestic March. The Wii rhythm action game’s the latest from PaRappa the Rapper creator Masaya Matsuura. It’s down for “holiday” this year. After the link.

  • Major Minor's Majestic March "for western market first"

    Major Minor’s Majestic March, the newly announced title from PaRappa the Rappa creator and NanaOn-Sha founder Masaya Matsuura, is being designed with the west in mind, the Japanese dev legend said today. “We are designing for the western market first,” he said. “And we are now trying to find a Japanese publisher. Maybe we can […]

  • Major Minor's Majestic March confirmed for Wii

    Publisher Majesco’s just confirmed Major Minor’s Majestic March for Wii. The rhythm action game’s being developed by PaRappa the Rapper outfit NanaOn-Sha. From the press release: “Major Minor’s Majestic March turns the Wii Remote(TM) into a “special” baton that the bandleader, Major Minor, uses to keep tempo, recruit new band members and pick up valuable […]