Major League Gaming Championship

MLG Championship Columbus Dota 2 and CoD: Ghosts tournaments kick off day two

Consider this a friendly reminder regarding the Major League Gaming Championship in Columbus: it started yesterday, and continues today with Call of Duty: Ghosts and Dota 2 tournaments. The latter’s prize pool now stands at $133,890, thanks to increasing sales of the Dota 2 MLG Championship Bundle. The first-ever competition for┬áCall of Duty: Ghosts has […]

6 years ago

Major League Gaming Championship headlines

  • MLG Championship in Columbus to feature Dota 2, $50K prize pool

    The Major League Gaming Championship in Columbus, Ohio this November will feature Dota 2 teams competing live in a three day event for a $50,000 prize pool. The Championship runs November 22-24 and those who wish to attend the event can now purchase VIP and General Admission passes through the MLG Store.

    6 years ago