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  • PSN down tomorrow

    According to this admin post on the EU PS boards, PSN will be down for maintenance between 9.00pm CET tomorrow and 2.00am CET Wednesday. Getting ready for Firmware action? Hope so. You cannot beat a good Firmware update. Bit more detail through there.

  • Live back online

    If the Live downtime’s been like losing an arm overnight, rejoice in the news that it’s now back up after a heavy bit of maintenance in preparation for New Xbox Experience. Thanks, evilashchris!

  • PSN live again

    Our man in Denmark informs us that PSN is now live again after scheduled downtime today. Get your PS3 on and see for yourself.

  • PS Store now down for upgrading

    As you can see here, the PS Store is now down for its upgrade and won’t be back until 11pm PST tonight, when the new Store will go live. Online play isn’t affected by any of this. We’re assuming that this means Firmware 2.30 will be released tomorrow morning Euro time. We’ll drop you a […]

  • Live down on April 1

    If you log into Xbox Live right now you’ll see that Microsoft’s warning everyone that Live will be down on the morning of April 1 for maintenance work. The service will be offline from 9am for three hours. Try not to panic.

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