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  • Sony confirms EG Expo line-up

    Sony’s confirmed MAG, God of War 3, Heavy Rain, Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves for this year’s EG Expo. The Eurogamer Expo 2009 is being held in Leeds and London, starting up north on October 27-28, before heading to London on October 30-31. Buy tickets and get more […]

  • Sony details preorder bonuses for MAG

    Preorder bonuses for MAG were revealed by Sony over on the US PS Blog, today. Exclusive in-game characters, one-of-a-kind Home Spaces, Public Beta access, it’s all there. Game’s out January 26, 2010. Hit the link for more.

  • Sony holding a MAG meet-up at PAX tomorrow night

    Sony’s arriving in Seattle this weekend for PAX and tomorrow night it’s holding a MAG-themed Meet-up, where it’ll be the first time beta participants will be able to engage in a 256-player battle. For people who can’t make it to PAX, Sony is holding a Labor Day weekend contest giving away Beta codes through the […]

  • Watch a video walk-through of the 128-player Valor map for MAG

    Past the break there is a video of Seth Luisi, director of development at SCEA providing a walk-through of the 128-player “Acquisition” mode Valor map for MAG. Qore subscribers will have the chance to get in on the MAG Official Public Beta on September 17, so if you don’t currently subscribe, now may be the […]

  • Open beta for MAG kicks off September 17

    Zipper Interactive has confirmed that the open beta for MAG will kick off on September 17: a full week before Tokyo Game Show. Only recently has the beta begun in earnest with staff from SCEE trying the game earlier this month. It was only this week that SCEA sent out invites to people in the […]

  • MAG beta invites go out, full partcipation needed during GC

    SCEA’s sent out the first batch of beta invites to it massive online shooter MAG. The download comes in at just under a whopping 2.5Gb and is only available during specific hours. However, as MAG is on display in Cologne this week, Sony are looking for folks to try and take on fellow journos who […]

  • SCEA announces MAG for January 26 in US

    Sony has announced that MAG will hit North American retailers on January 26, 2010. Zipper and SCEA will be holding an event during PAX on September 4 from 6:00 – 9:00 PM PST and 200 PS Blog readers are invited to attend the 256-person function and get hands-on with a new MAG map. All you […]

  • Public Beta enrollment begins for MAG

    Lucky folks who open their emails today may see a MAG Beta invite crammed in with all the jokes, spam, and Russian mail-order bride requests. The e-mail contains a code used to access a closed application form and Sony “will be adding people in waves.” Don’t worry if you don’t have one, you may get […]

  • Sony wants your words to be in the new MAG trailer

    Sony wants you to write an inspirational battlefield speech and the best one will be featured in the new trailer for MAG. Ten will be picked, professionally recorded for use in the trailer and the authors will win a MAG prize that will be announced soon. Things to consider when writing, according to Sony: MAG […]

  • Sony confirms MAG Beta, but it's internal only

    Sony has confirmed rumors posted earlier in the week regarding a MAG: Massive Action Game Beta. Only thing is, it’s internal only so players that have seen statuses regarding the Beta popping up on PSN should know that theses are Sony employee profiles. This was confirmed to CVG earlier today. Hopefully this means that a […]

  • Rumour: MAG beta about to get underway

    Take a pinch of salt with this, but you may be seeing the first piece of info as to when a beta test is coming for MAG. Community Team member and Moderator of the English SCEE forums, Yaster, has been snapped playing the beta. Right now, this is most likely internal, but it shouldn’t be […]

  • Delay rumor: GameFly and GameStop list MAG for 2010 [Update]

    GameFly and GameStop are listing MAG for a January 2010. The game was expected to land on shelves for PS3 sometime this fall. While Sony has not issued a “firm” release date for the game, the above retailers had it listed for November 24. Until official word comes down from on high, keep this as […]

  • MAG developer diary chats about command and control system

    Zipper Interactive has released the last in the MAG Developer Diary series. You can watch it after the break. The final video details the command and control system within the game which involves eight-on-eight, squad-based combat. It’s expected to arrive sometime in November.

  • New MAG dev diary details three factions

    The latest MAG dev diary – watch after the break – goes into detail on the mass-shooter’s three factions, namely Raven, S.V.E.R., and Valor. As for differences, Raven’s “high-tech, polished,” Valor has a “traditional military style” and S.V.E.R. is “edgy, aggressive,” according to this US PS Blog post. Take a look. The PS3 exclusive’s out […]

  • MAG Developer Diary Episode 1 gives you an idea of what to expect

    MAG’s first developer diary has arrived on the EU PS Blog and it’s posted after the break. In the video, it talks about the different characters and weapons, areas of conflict and scale of the combat. The multiplayer shooter is a PS3 exclusive and has an expected release date of November 24.

  • MAG at E3 was "30 frames per second" and "lag-free"

    Let’s have some freakin’ online shooter performance stats. Mr Zipper Interactive, speaking in the video after the break, reckons the game of MAG Sony had running at E3 was running at “30 frames per second” in “basically what’s a lag-free environment”. The shooter was demoed with 256 players at the show. Hit link. Watch video.

  • MAG shots are shots, have guns, men

    What can you say? It’s MAG. It’s on PS3. It has 256 players, some of which can be seen in the screens after the break. MAG is a game with guns. And objectives. And squads. Look at the pictures. They speak a thousand words. Which is very handy, because we have aching hands.

  • New E3 MAG footage shows lots of guns

    Sony PS3 exclusive, 256 player multiplayer, men in army clothing, and lots and lots of firepower: that’s what MAG (Massive Action Game) promises to deliver, and judging by the footage below, it might just do that. We should all be playing this sometime next year. Check it out.

  • MAG to be playable at E3

    Zipper multi-shooter MAG is to be playable at E3 next week, SCEE has just confirmed to VG247. Journalists are to be allowed to play as part of a an eight-man squad, led by one of the devs, in a 256-player game. Hot bastard. We’re proto-pumped. Let’s fucking do this shit, yo. It’s E3!

  • Zipper Interactive to public beta test MAG

    There’s going to be a public beta test for MAG, according to Zipper Interactive bossman Michael Guttman. “Certainly, Mag will definitely have a beta,” he told US PS Blog. “I guess that’s probably all I’ll say at this point, but we’ll be getting more information about that very soon. “We’re really excited about the beta […]

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