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  • Free DLC hitting MAG next week

    Zipper Interactive has announced that free DLC is on the way for MAG, and it’s slated to hit next week on April 29.

  • First MAG DLC is free, coming next week

    MAG’s first add-on content will hit globally on March 25 for zero cash, Zipper’s confirmed.

  • NPD top 20 shows how MAG, Bayonetta, others fared

    A certain BioWare blockbuster may have hogged the sales spotlight last month, but – as a list provided by the NPD has conveniently reminded us – there were other games too. And people bought them! We know. We were shocked too.

  • MAG released today along with sizeable patch

    Zipper Interactive has released an update for MAG, which launched in the US today, and it will automatically patch when you log into the game.

  • PS3: It only does 256 players MAG commerical

    Sony has released another fun PS3 commercial, this time it’s advertising MAG, which is set to launch next Tuesday. The 256 online shooter has been in Beta for a while, so hopefully there won’t be any hiccups when it’s released. Enjoy the video below the break.

  • Zipper Interactive thinks XBL is more "juvenile" than PSN

    Zipper Interactive’s Ben Jones has revealed he feels Xbox Live is “more juvenile” than PSN, which is why MAG is a better fit for the PS3 audience.

  • SCEE confirms January 29 UK date for MAG

    SCEE has just confirmed the European dates for MAG.

  • Sony to fix MAG Beta connection issues

    SCEE’s Elliott Martin has stated on the EU PS Blog that connection issues with MAG’s open beta are to be sorted before the game launches.

  • MAG open beta goes live

    Sony just confirmed that MAG’s open beta is now live. The game servers are online now, so if you’ve already downloaded the new patch and data set you start playing straight away. If you haven’t, get details on how to get involved below.

  • MAG gold, open US beta tomorrow

    MAG’s gone gold, Zipper just confirmed on the US PS Blog, and Americans will be able to openly play the beta as of tomorrow. “Beta 5” will go global on January 4. The online shooter launches on January 26 in North America and Asia, January 28 in Japan, and January 29 in Korea. Hit the […]

  • MAG hitting January 29

    MCV’s reporting that MAG will release in Europe on January 29. The info’s come from SCEE, apparently. In addition, Heavy Rain’s planned for an unspecified February date, to be followed by GoW III in mid-March. More through there.

  • Stats released for MAG Beta, box art revealed

    Sony has released figures complied by the MAG Beta tests along with the box art for the multiplayer online shooter. Apparently, more than 42,000 matches were played during the first public Beta between August 17 and December 5 while in October’s Beta, over 534,000miles were traveled in-game by players each week. During its final month, […]

  • MAG Beta ends tomorrow with Zipper Challenge

    The MAG Beta ends tomorrow night, and Zipper Interactive plans to enter into the fray with you to give it a proper send off. Multiple “Zipper” squads will be “waiting for you on the MAG servers” and represent factions Raven, S.V.E.R., and Valor). Just log in, get in the queue, look for Zipper folks, and […]

  • MAG beta - 300 final keys here, now

    I’ve handed out 700 MAG beta keys by hand on Twitter in the past week. That’s enough for any man. I do, however, have 300 left. To spare me the madness, I’ve posted the lot after the break. Enjoy yourselves. The beta ends on December 4.

  • We've got 1,000 MAG beta keys - want one? [Update]

    Update: It looks as those these codes are Euro-only. We’re getting a bunch back not working from American readers. Don’t try to get one if you’re outside Europe. Update 2: The text below’s been updated. We’ll just leave this page open until they’re all gone. Just keep tweeting @patlike. SCEE just sent us 1,000 MAG […]

  • MAG beta extended by Zipper

    Zipper’s extended the open beta for MAG, for anyone looking to get onboard or to get playing again if you haven’t already. Originally meant to end on Friday, the beta has been extended until sometime this week. Zipper’s also promised details on how to get into the next beta trial for the game this week. […]

  • Over 6000 changes made to MAG, enters Beta 4

    Zipper Interactive’s community manager, Jeremy Dunham, has announced over on the US PS Blog that MAG has entered its fourth Beta phase. He also announced that over 6000 changes have been made since the previous Beta. One change involves Shadow War Bonuses, which according to Dunham: “Depending on which Private Military Contractors (PMC’s) are leading […]

  • MAG interview talks loads about development and gameplay

    There’s a video interview with MAG’s Seth Luisi over on Giant Bomb, where the director of development chats about play progression, development, and many other things. It’s around eight minutes long and loads of stuff is mentioned, ranging from character specialization, to how the game world affects the map – but something that may be […]

  • EG Expo - MAG movie shows sniping, dying

    Didn’t get on the MAG beta? Want to know what the Zipper shooter actually looks like in action? Hit the link. We shot this off-screen at the EG Expo in Leeds earlier this week. PS3-only, out next year. For the record, someone else was playing the game.

  • MAG offering goodies for 7-Eleven pre-orders

    American people: if you’re planning on buying Zipper’s MAG for PS3 in January, you could do worse than pre-ordering it from 7-Eleven. As detailed in this US PS Blog post, you’ll get a “recruitment kit and poster” for your loyalty. Just think about that for a second. A MAG poster of your very own. Now […]

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