MAG Beta

Sony to fix MAG Beta connection issues

SCEE’s Elliott Martin has stated on the EU PS Blog that connection issues with MAG’s open beta are to be sorted before the game launches.

10 years ago

MAG Beta headlines

  • MAG Beta ends tomorrow with Zipper Challenge

    The MAG Beta ends tomorrow night, and Zipper Interactive plans to enter into the fray with you to give it a proper send off. Multiple “Zipper” squads will be “waiting for you on the MAG servers” and represent factions Raven, S.V.E.R., and Valor). Just log in, get in the queue, look for Zipper folks, and […]

    10 years ago
  • Sony opens up MAG Beta to public, only 16K spots available

    SCEE has sent word that sign ups for the MAG beta are open, but there are only 16,000 spots available. Once the 16,000 SCEE consumer vouchers have been given away, the beta will be open for six hours a day, Monday to Friday from 5pm to 8pm and midnight to 3am, GMT. It officially starts […]

    10 years ago
  • Public Beta enrollment begins for MAG

    Lucky folks who open their emails today may see a MAG Beta invite crammed in with all the jokes, spam, and Russian mail-order bride requests. The e-mail contains a code used to access a closed application form and Sony “will be adding people in waves.” Don’t worry if you don’t have one, you may get […]

    11 years ago