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  • MadWorld in 480i, not 480p

    This sort of thing matters to a lot of people, so here we go. According to Matt Casamassina’s blog, Platinum’s MadWorld runs at 480i. Not 480p. Buy it anyway. It looks awesome. As Matt says: You must still buy this game, but this omission raises an interesting point. Usually, lack of 480p support can be […]

  • MadWorld creator: "Western developers are superior to those in Japan"

    Atsushi Inaba – creator of MadWorld, Okami and Viewtiful – feels that Japanese developers are lagging behind their western counterparts. “To be honest, I think that western developers are superior to those in Japan overall,” he said in an interview with Develop. “So we the Japanese developers should realize that we have to work hard […]

  • MadWorld for March 20 release in UK

    Sounds as though someone jumped the gun a little here. A UK release date of March 20 for MadWorld’s appeared in the paper edition of MCV and on Edge this morning, but Sega PR’s a little confused as to why: it hasn’t been officially confirmed to anyone, apparently. It is true, however. The hyper-violent Wii […]

  • MadWorld will have a sequel if the public shows interest

    MadWorld isn’t even out yet and there’s already talk of a possible sequel. Platinum’s Atsushi Inaba has said that, “Platinum Games has several rights so we’ll be developing something new after this, but if there is a lot of interest in MadWorld then maybe we will make another one.” Sounds solid. Mad, even. The first […]

  • Final Fantasy's Yasumi Matsuno adds his talent to MadWorld

    Yasumi Matsuno, designer for Final Fantasy XII has lent his hand to game scenarios on MadWorld. Apparently, he and Platinum’s Atsushi Inaba are old pals. Looks like more reason to give MadWorld a try: if you are a fan of Final Fantasy XII that is. 1UP has more on this, and while you’re hitting links, […]

  • IGN: MadWord is a "Wii game of the year" contender

    IGN is filled to the brim with exclusive MadWorld goodies, including the two minutes of “never-before-seen direct-feed footage” that we posted earlier. The site says that the game is a contender for Wii Game of the Year, and includes an “addictive balance of fun, bloody fights and surprisingly compelling narrative”. There’s also some exclusive art […]

  • MadWorld trailer: Jack takes no prisoners in Asia Town

    A chainsaw to the gut, decapitations, puddles of blood, bashing folks against tress, and loads of running around to hip-hop music grace the latest MadWorld video. Watch it after the jump. The Platinum Wii exclusive is out March 10.

  • New MadWorld trailer shows bloodsports

    Sega’s released a second MadWorld sports parody trailer, this time focusing on how killing people in inventive ways in the game wins points. Watch it after the break. It’s very violent. As you know. MadWorld’s a Wii exclusive, out March.

  • New MadWorld trailer is mad

    After the break. Protagonist Jack is harder than a “bunch of frat boys at a strip club,” apparently. To be fair, he is pretty hard. Game’s out for Wii in March in the US. No date for Europe.

  • MadWorld gets US release date

    Platinum’s MadWorld will release in North America on March 10, Sega’s confirmed. The spectacularly violent Wii game still hasn’t been rated by the ESRB, Joystiq reports, but trifling things like ratings should never put anyone off. We’ll check with Sega for a European date in the morning.

  • 10 new Madworld shots posted

    Why not? CVG‘s got ten new Madworld screens for those of you that really don’t have anything better to do that look at videogames on the internet on a Friday night. Out for Wii in March.

  • MadWorld, House of the Dead and The Conduit to drive ‘broader market success,' says Sega

    Alan Pritchard (MD of Sega Europe North ) and John Clark (UK sales director) have told MCV that they feel titles such as the 18 rated MadWorld and more adult themed games such as The Conduit can only server to broaden the Wii demographic. “There have been some good hardcore Wii titles. Resident Evil 4 […]

  • Madworld given 15+ in Australia

    Australia’s ever-consistent ratings board, the OFLC, has rated hyper-violent Platinum game Madworld as 15+. The game has already been passed as an 18 by the BBFC in the UK. Madworld features some of the most hilariously brutal violence ever seen in a game, which clearly isn’t as offensive to our Australian cousins as the inclusion […]

  • Sega's MadWorld gets BBFC rating - no cuts required

    The BBFC has given Sega’s controversial Wii title Mad World an 18 rating. The ratings board cleared the game with no cuts to its content. Last year, Sega said it was “working with the ratings board” on Mad World, claiming that the gore in the game is “fantasy violence. It’s over the top. It’s cartoony.” […]

  • New MadWorld shots posted

    See them on Joystiq. Unless you’re the Daily Mail, obviously: you may have a heart attack at the sight of something that isn’t borne of the concept of respectable Middle England. The Platinum Wii game’s out next year.

  • Gamers react badly to anti-MadWorld remarks

    “Decency” pressure group Media Watch UK has come under fire from angry gamers after it said MadWorld sounded “very unsavoury” without ever seeing the title, and that it hoped the BBFC would refuse to classify it. The remarks were made famous by an article in UK “newspaper,” the Daily Mail. The body received emails telling […]

  • New MadWorld trailer released, shows Jack's bike

    Sega’s put out a new video of Platinum’s MadWorld, showing the game’s motorbike and some other stuff seen off the record at Games Convention. Have a nose. Beware: it really is violent.

  • Platinum Games collaborating with ESRB, but MadWorld release iffy in censorship-happy territories

    Is no game better than a diced-to-pieces, heavily censored game? Sega and Platinum Games seem to think so. According to MTV, the two companies’ gore-splosion of a collaborative effort, MadWorld, won’t be seeing a release in violence-shy countries like Japan, Australia, and Germany. At least, not yet. Only after MadWorld showers the US with red […]

  • New MadWorld trailer released

    There’s a new MadWorld trailer after the link. The Platinum Wii action spectacular’s behind closed doors at Games Convention tomorrow, so we’re going to take a look. The Daily Mail wouldn’t like it, but we’re partial to a bit of blood. This looks good. More tomorrow.

  • Mail brands MadWorld "most violent ever" game

    The Daily Mail has claimed “parents” are “horrified” by Sega’s MadWorld, saying it “will dramatically transform Wii’s image”. John Beyer, director of “decency” pressure group Mediawatch-uk, told the paper, “This game sounds very unsavoury.” We’re assuming this means he hasn’t even seen it. “I hope the British Board of Film Classification will view this with […]

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