News of the World takes Maddie Bungie story

The News of the World published the Bungie Maddie teaser trailer story over the weekend, but a full-on spread to the British tabloids is now looking less likely.“Halo team under fire for Maddie ad,” reads the headline, but the story itself is restrained, saying only that it’s unclear whether or not the name will be […]

12 years ago

Maddie headlines

  • Bungie claims "Maddie" teaser reference is "pure coincidence" to McCann disappearance

    Posting on the official Halo forums, Bungie writer Luke Smith (Lukems) assured everyone that the “Maddie, where are you?” slogan in yesterday’s teaser was pure coincidence as far as any relation to the 2007 Maddie McCann disappearance goes.“As always, all of the characters in our games are fictional,” he wrote. “Any similarities between real life […]

    12 years ago