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350,000 played Madden 10 online once only

Something’s probably wrong in the world of online Madden play if this is anything to go by.

Madden Nfl 10 headlines

  • Madden NFL '10 predicts winner of Super Bowl

    EA’s predicting the New Orleans Saints will beat the Indianapolis Colts in this Sunday’s Super Bowl.

  • Madden Ultimate Team now available as a free download

    EA Sports has announced that Madden NFL 10’s free DLC, Madden Ultimate Team, is now available for PS3 and Xbox 360.

  • Dragon Quest IX bestselling global game in Q3, top five listed

    Dragon Quest IX was the bestselling videogame across Japan, the US and UK in the third quarter, according to joint data from NPD, GfK Chart-Track and Enterbrain. And yes: it was only released in Japan. Here’s the top five: Dragon Quest IX (Square Enix) – 3,925,000 Wii Sports Resort (Nintendo) – 3,014,000 Madden NFL 10 […]

  • Flash compo - Win PES 2010, Madden 10 and OpFlash: Dragon Rising on PS3 right now!

    OK. We’ve got PS3 promo copies of PES 2010, Madden 10 and OpFlash: Dragon Rising sitting here. We’re looking at them. Do you want them? Then comment below. We’ll give them out as follows: 100th comment – Madden NFL 10 (PS3) 200th comment – Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising (PS3) 300th comment – PES 2010 (PS3) […]

  • September NPD - ODST wins on software front

    Halo 3: ODST has outright won the software front in the September NPDs, selling over 1.5 million units in the month. Wii Sports Resort (442k) and Madden NFL 10 for the Xbox 360 (289k) rounded off the top three in the software charts. Beatles: Rock Band for the 360 beat Guitar Hero 5 for the […]

  • Analyst says Madden 10 didn't do well because of Madden 09

    Jesse Divnich, games analyst at EEDAR, has said that the reason Madden NFL 10 sales have been so disappointing on Wii so far, is because Madden NFL 09 on Wii left a bad taste in gamer’s mouths. According to sales figures, the franchise saw a 42 percent decline in sales on the console and EA […]

  • Madden NFL 10 demoed for iPhone at Apple event [Update]

    Update: Madden NFL 10 will launch on the App Store today for $9.99, and if you act now for today only it’s $7.99. Currently, DLC in the form of jerseys and roster updates is expected in the future as well as multiplayer. Original Story: During Apple’s “Its only rock and roll, but we like it” […]

  • Official Playstation Magazine reviews in, gives FIFA 10 a solid 9

    Official PlayStation Magazine UK has released its monthly scores on some new titles hitting or to have hit the market, and those interested in FIFA 10 should be pleased to know that the sports title got a solid 9/10 from the mag. Other highly reviewed titles include DiRT 2, IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds Of Prey, Madden […]

  • Major Nelson podcast has Felicia Day, Beatles Rock Band, Stephen Toulouse

    Major Nelson’s podcast number 330 is loaded to the gill with stuff. Want proof? It’s 321 minutes long and contains chats with Xbox Live boss Stephen Toulouse, The Guild’s Felicia Day, development manager at Tiburon, Ryan Ferwerda chatting about Madden NFL 10, Josh Randall, the creative director behind Beatles Rock Band and Dan Maher, Xbox […]

  • Sports Illustrated giving Madden 10 away with subscription

    Those who would like to purchase Madden 10 may want to subscribe to Sports Illustrated instead. Turns out, the magazine is offering the game as an incentive to get the weekly. A subscription of 56 issues costs $49, comes with a Madden documentary, your console choice of the game, and the annual swimsuit edition. Madden […]

  • Michael Vick to be added to Madden 10 roster

    EA has announced that it will add convicted animal abuser and football player Michael Vick to the Philly Eagles roster upon the next Madden 10 update. Granted, Vick is not eligible to play until week six of the NFL season, per the readmission rules, but it looks like his likeness will grace all versions of […]

  • Madden NFL 10 premium packs give Elite status, retirement prevention, more

    EA has revealed some of the premium packs gamers will be able to download for Madden 10. No word on pricing for any of these, but here is what is known so far: Super Superstar – Downloading this will enable your Superstar to get maximum progression for the length of his career. Pick A Superstar […]

  • Madden 10 pre-orders up on last year

    EA Sports boss Peter Moore said last night that pre-orders for Madden’s 2010 version were ahead of those the firm saw for the franchise in 2008. “We’re now marginally ahead year-on-year with about ten days to go,” said Moore, speaking in EA’s Q1 investor call. “Last year on this call we talked about pre-sales and […]

  • Peter Moore discusses EA Sports support on PS3

    Peter Moore has posted a developer diary of sorts over on the US PS Blog. In it, he discusses the success EA has been having with its sports titles and how the company plans to support these titles via PS3. Here’s just a taste: In Madden, PS3-PSP integration will enable NFL fans to build their […]

  • Madden 10 demo on Live now

    Nelson’s confirmed the posting of the Madden NFL 10 demo on Live. That’s the good bit. The bad bit is that you can only get it if you’re American. Screw you, America.

  • Madden NFL 10 demo coming to Xbox a week early

    Looks like the Xbox kids have been good this year, as jolly ol’ Mr. Madden is dropping down their chimneys a week before he moves onto other platforms. The demo, which features the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys tossing around the pigskin, will be available to Xbox Live Gold members starting July 23, reports […]

  • Madden NFL 10 demo goes public July 30

    EA has announced that a public Madden NFL 10 demo will land on PSN and Xbox live July 30 featuring a night game in heavy snow with the Dallas Cowboys against the New York Giants. Those that pre-ordered Madden NFL 10 through GameStop will get to play a special demo July 23, which is a […]

  • EA confirms plans for public Madden NFL 10 demo

    EA plans to release a public demo for Madden NFL 10. GameStop announced yesterday that an exclusive demo for the football title would be made available to those who pre-ordered, and some gamers felt a bit left out. “We will also be issuing a demo via Xbox LIVE and PSN that features the Giants vs. […]

  • Madden 10 co-op play detailed

    EA just added detail to Madden 10’s online co-op mode, as you can see in the press release after the break. It’s just letters to us, as we know precisely nothing about American Football, but what the hey. Have a read.

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