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Analyst: Concerns over SWTOR sales are a bit premature

Macquarie Securities analyst Ben Schachter has said concerns over sales figures for Star Wars: The Old Republic and the resulting drop in EA stock prices are due to outside “speculation”, as NPD’s sales figures don’t show a complete picture. According to Schachter, the majority sales for the MMO were likely through Origin, and since NPD […]

8 years ago

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  • Nintendo makes $6 from every Wii sold

    According to this Forbes report, Macquarie Securities analyst David Gibson reckons Nintendo makes a grand total of $6 from every Wii unit sold.Nintendo profits are aided by its strong first party software sales, the analyst added: Nintendo titles are reported as having a 60 percent attach rate.Comparatively, the report states that Sony loses money on […]

    12 years ago