Dante’s Inferno producer has been thinking about a Macbeth game for “years”

If you’d told us years ago that classic works of contemplative literature would make excellent window dressing for games around which phrases like “gore fountain” and “double decapitation” might be thrown, we’d have said you were completely nuts. “Years” ago, however, Dante’s Inferno Executive Producer Jonathan Knight was already kicking around ideas for a videogame […]

10 years ago

Macbeth headlines

  • Mark Ecko wanted to make a Macbeth game

    Mark Ecko planned to release a game adaptation of Macbeth. Seriously. “I completely re-imagined Macbeth,” he told Destructoid, but refused to elaborate because he doesn’t “want to give it away.” Ecko reckons his title will bring Shakie to the Xbox generation. Seriously. “Our adaptation, I think, would have made it relevant to people who wouldn’t […]

    10 years ago