Red Faction Collection, Swedish Indie Pack on sale via Steam

The Red Faction Collection and Swedish Indie Pack are part of Steam’s Midweek Madness sale.

8 years ago

Lucidity headlines

  • EVE, Lucidity, PoP get the Steam price-cut treatment

    Goooooooooooood mornnnnnnning, VietnamG247In the news today, the sky is blue, grass is green and Steam has more games discounted in their five day 24 hour sale!EVE Online: Apocrypha is down to under £4, Lucidity is only under £2 and PoP is a tenner. There are more games which get the cut, which is why you […]

    11 years ago
  • This weeks XBLA games is South Park, Lucidity

    Nelson’s confirmed that this week, your lot for Arcade will be South Park: Lets Go Tower Defense Play and Lucidity.They’ll both cost 800 MS points each.There you have it.

    11 years ago
  • LucasArts gives Lucidity a price for PC and XBL

    LucasArts has revealed that its side scroller-puzzle game Lucidity will be priced at just $9.99.Those interested can purchase the game via Direct2Drive and Steam on October 7, but if you are not a PC’er, no worries – it’s coming to Xbox Live Arcade for 800 MS Points.More through the links.Via BigDownload.

    11 years ago
  • LucasArts explains art-style influences for Lucidity

    LucasArts project, lead David Nottingham, has revealed to D’tpoid was influenced the art direction of the firm’s upcoming XBLA and PC title, Lucidity.“For Lucidity, we wanted to develop a unique art style that didn’t really feel like anything else and it was developed hand in hand with the story, so that one would complement the […]

    11 years ago
  • Lucidity "looks like a children's storybook set in motion"

    IGN’s posted a hands-on of LucasArts’ now-confirmed XBLA puzzler Lucidity, calling the game a “children’s storybook set in motion”.Lucidity charges the player with placing props around an ever-moving girl in order to protect her from harm.Apparently the title, which releases on October 7, “is shaping up to be one of the prettiest and most unique […]

    11 years ago
  • LucasArts confirms Lucidity

    GamesTrailers has confirmed that Lucidity is a real LucasArts project – get more from BigDownload.The game’s a cartoony, downloadable affair for PC and 360, featuring a girl called Sophie that moves of her own free will.The title’s been rumoured for months. Now you know. It’s out in September, apparently.

    11 years ago
  • Rumor: Screen from upcoming Lucasarts game surfaces

    Joystiq has posted a screen that is rumored to be from a Lucasarts project called Lucidity for Xbox Live Arcade.It’s supposedly a side-scrolling adventure, but since Lucasarts is remaining mum on the situation, no one is quite sure what it is exactly.The fantasy title has players controlling the main character, Sofi, by placing certain objects […]

    12 years ago
  • Rumour: LucasArts bringing Lucidity to XBLA

    Joystiq’s rumouring that LucasArts is to release Lucidity, a new IP, to XBLA.It’s a side-scrolling adventure, apparently, in which players place objects in the path of protagonist Sofi as she navigates the gameworld.There’s more through there. No date, though.

    12 years ago