LOTRO: Riders Of Rohan

LOTRO: Riders of Rohan developer diary focuses on the soundtrack

Riders of Rohan, the expansion for Lord of the Rings Online is out next week, and to get you a bit excited over it, a new developer diary focusing on the sountrack is available below. The music in the MMO has always been one of its strong points, and it sounds as through RoR won’t […]

8 years ago

LOTRO: Riders Of Rohan headlines

  • LOTRO: Riders of Rohan developer video delves into the Epic Storyline

    Lord of the Rings Online has a new developer diary out for Riders of Rohan, which takes a look at the Epic Storyline. There’s information in there on how the team at Turbine brought some of the locations in the book to life, and how deep down, poor Boromir was still a good guy – […]

    8 years ago
  • Meet the dangerous Warbands of LotRO: Riders of Rohan

    Turbine has released a set of screenshots showing the elite group of Warbands included with the Riders of Rohan expansion. These elite groups of mounted enemies roam the plains, traveling long distances and can quickly overcome unwary adventurers. Along with the Warbands, anyone can go against these marauders due to the new “open tapping” combat […]

    9 years ago
  • LOTRO: Riders of Rohan gets cinematic video, feature teaser

    Turbine has released a cinematic video for its Riders of Rohan expansion, which is slated for release this fall for Lord of the Rings. The is also another video below which teases some of the new features. It will have mounted combat ya know. Watch below. You can pre-order the expansion now in three lovely […]

    9 years ago