Weekly MMO news round-up: EQII Brewday, adult Second Life content, no MMO for Zork

This week wasn’t too eventful in the way of MMO news, other than Warhammer consolidating server populations and luring gamers back with some goodies. But we already touched on that, it’s, like, old.Today, news reached us that Second Life is trying to deal with all of the adult content in the game, Zork is no […]

12 years ago

Lothlorien headlines

  • First screens for Mines of Moria expansion's Book 7

    Turbine just released the first batch of screenshots for LotRO’s Volume II: Book 7: Leaves of Lόrien.This will be the first free content update for the game since its Mines of Moria expansion was released last fall.The screens illustrate Lothlόrien, which has been expanded for Book 7’s storyline.Quite lovely. Take a gander here.

    12 years ago