Lost And Damned

GTA: Lost and Damned debut trailer preaches brotherhood, togetherness

Oh man, go check out this trailer. We’d say more, but GTA: LAD’s subtle combination of motorcycles, heavy-metal, and gruff, gun-toting Manly Men has us feeling the need to chomp on nails and bend things. A need which absolutely cannot go unsatisfied. Check it out after the break.By Nathan Grayson

12 years ago

Lost And Damned headlines

  • GTA IV: Lost and Damned DLC to premiere at VGAs

    Not content with the first showing of Uncharted 2, God of War III, Brutal Legend and some new Gears of War 2 stuff, the 2008 Video Game Awards, airing on Spike TV, will also be premiering the first footage of Rockstar’s GTA IV downloadable content, Lost and Damned.The footage will be shown sometime from 9pm […]

    12 years ago