Lord Of Apocalypse

Square Enix holding Vita discount in Japan next week

Square Enix has announced it’s to hold discount its existing Vita titles to date in Japan beginning next week on the Japanese PlayStation Store. Lord of Apocalypse will be priced at ¥2,980 ($36), down from ¥4,980 ($61). Army Corps of Hell will be discounted to ¥1,990 ($25) from ¥3,990 ($50). The offer runs from next […]

Lord Of Apocalypse headlines

  • Lord of Apocalypse to get extended second trailer

    Square Enix will release a second and extended demo of Lord of Apocalypse in Japan later this month, according to Siliconera. The new taster will allow players to play up to chapter 3 of the game, as well as connect with friends and fight against Ctuhulu. If players decided to buy the full game, they […]

  • US retailer lists Monster Hunter Portable 3, FFX, Lord of Apocalypse for Vita

    A pamphlet for a US retail store has been posted over on Gematsu, and it lists a few interesting tidbits which should get your mouths salivating. According to the business document, Vita versions of Monster Hunter Portable 3, Final Fantasy X, and Lord of Apocalypse were listed. While the later has already been released in […]

  • Lord of Apocalypse trailer shows off story action

    Square Enix has released a new trailer for Lord of Apocalypse, giving a gist on what its story is all about, as well as the odd bit of gameplay. Get it after the break, via Andriasang. The RPG’s out on PSP and Vita as a launch title on December 17. A PSP demo will release […]

  • Lord of Apocalypse PSP demo hitting later this month in Japan

    This week’s Famitsu is reporting that a PSP demo for Lord of Apocalypse will arrive later this month. The taster will offer new levels from what was shown in September at Tokyo Game Show. No specific date was given for the demo, though. LoA releases in Japan on December 17 on PSP and Vita as […]

  • Lord of Apocalypse trailer introduces characters

    Here’s a Japanese -language trailer for Lord of Apocalypse, a Vita launch title from Deadly Premonition developer Access Games and sequel to Lord of Arcana. Be introduced to a number of typically hairstyled JRPG characters and baffled by their incomprehensible descriptions. No Western release has been announced, but the clamour for Hidetaka “Swery” Suehiro may […]

  • Deadly Premonition designer Hidetaka Suehiro directing Lord of Apocalypse

    Square Enix’s Lord of Apocalypse, a successor to Lord of Arcana, is in development from Access Games with Deadly Premonition designer Hidetaka Suehiro signed on to direct, it has been announced. The game, announced just before TGS will be made available for PSP and Vita on December 17 in Japan. It has not been announced […]

  • Lord of Apocalypse gets first trailer

    Lord of Apocalypse has gotten its first trailer from Square Enix following its unveil in Famitsu this week. The game, thought to be a sequel to this year’s Lord of Arcana, will be a launch title for Vita on December 17 in Japan, but will also get a PSP release as well. Get watching the […]

  • UMvC3, Ninja Gaiden and Katamari coming to Vita, Square commits to launch

    Oh here we go. Ahead of the expected to be Vita-centric TGS press conference from Sony soon, Famitsu’s lifted the lid of several unannounced titles for the platform, including Ninja Gaiden and Katamari.