Spielberg’s LMNO is still in production, isn’t called LMNO any more

EA has put any rumour of Spielberg title, LMNO (pronounced Elemental), being canned to rest by informing Kotaku that the project “continues to develop at EALA with Steven,” and that it isn’t referred to as LMNO any more. “The rumor is incorrect. EA remains deeply committed to its collaboration with Steven Spielberg and projects we […]

12 years ago

Lmno headlines

  • EA refuses to confirm or deny LMNO lay-offs

    EA has refused to confirm or deny whether or not the majority of the LMNO team was laid off last week.The company has clarified its noncommittal position by saying it isn’t detailing where staff cuts are to be made in the wake of the announcement of a 6 percent reduction in its workforce, confirmed Thursday.Talk […]

    12 years ago
  • EA: Spielberg's LMNO still in production

    EA has just confirmed to VG247 that Steven Spielberg’s LMNO is still in production.“Development of LMNO continues at EALA under the creative leadership of Doug Church (Creative Director) and Lou Castle (Executive Producer),” said the firm in a statement.It was rumoured this morning that the majority of the team had been laid off in the […]

    12 years ago
  • Rumour: Spielberg team laid off at EALA (update)

    Update: EA’s just confirmed that the game’s still in production.VG247 has learnt from an EA employee that the majority of the LMNO team has been laid off at EALA.LMNO was the codename for the “ultra-real” Spielberg game being worked on at the studio.The fate of the game itself is unclear: we’ve been told that “almost […]

    12 years ago