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  • GDC: Hideo Kojima's keynote live here at 10.00am PST today

    Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata kicked GDC off yesterday with the announcement of a new Zelda in his keynote, and Metal Gear Solid’s Hideo Kojima’s up next this morning with an hour-and-a-half talk on games development. Kojima said yesterday that we’re not going to see any game reveals in his speech, but there’s bound to be […]

  • GDC: Luminaries Lunch liveblog at 1.00pm PST, featuring Will Wright and Warren Spector

    The Iwata keynote may be over, but don’t you dare touch that dial. We’ll be liveblogging the Luminaries Lunch at 1pm PST today, and the line-up’s stellar. Will Wright, Warren Spector, Nolan Bushnell, Rob Pardo and David Perry will all be on the panel: you’re guaranteed to get some monster quotes. That’s 1.00pm PST, 8.00pm […]

  • GDC: VG247 LIVE from the Iwata opening keynote!

    UPDATE – We are now live! Get a constant stream of updates from the keynote through the link! This is it! Steph’s in line for Nintendo president Satoru Iwata’s keynote at GDC in San Francisco, which will starting at 9.00am PST. That’s 4.00pm GMT. Hit the link for our liveblog. Remember: don’t hammer F5. The […]

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