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  • First Lips DLC available today

    Microsoft’s announced that the first batch of DLC for karaoke 360 game Lips will turn up on Live today, with more planned for next week. Here’s what you’re going to get: Today Adele – Chasing Pavements Estelle – No Substitute Love Jason Mraz – The Remedy (I Won’t Worry) Coldplay – Violet Hill November 28 […]

  • First Lips reviews show split decision

    The first Lips reviews are in, and Eurogamer’s score’s not going to look pretty on anyone’s average. Snip from the piece: The irony is that SingStar has glitches as well, now and then, and casual gamers seem to put up with this, whereas Microsoft – architect of the Red Rings – has little goodwill left […]

  • New Lips demo trailer leaves us without words

    After the break. We have nothing to say on the matter.

  • Lips TV ad is a bit odd

    “I’ve got it!” shouted Jacinda across the salad. Michael looked up from his tablet PC and flicked a cuff. A glazed woman ticked a tucked eye over a celery stick from the next table. “It’s called Lips, right?” I wish she’d fucking shutup, thought Michael. “Why don’t we, like, have a pair of walking lips? […]

  • Xbox 360 moving into Leicester Square this weekend

    According to this MCV story, Microsoft is setting up camp in London’s Leicester Square this weekend, the main point of which is to show off Lips and You’re in the Movies. It’s all part of the Xbox Trial tour, which will also visit Glasgow (November 8-9), Newcastle (November 15-16), Sheffield (November 22-23) and Bristol (November […]

  • Full Lips tracks list revealed, dated [Update]

    Update: Official press release after the break. Over at Joystiq. The track list isn’t bad, actually. There’s Radiohead, Johnny Cash and a bit of Duran Duran too. However, we must stress, that we’re far too manly and butch to partake in such a game, but you lot might like it, and we can respect that. […]

  • Pre order Lips, get one free song every week for two months

    Apparently if you pre-order your copy of Singstar clone, Lips, with Gamestop and/or, you get a code that allows you to download one “free song every week for two months,” writes Microsoft mouth-piece, Gamerscore Blog. The Zune Team are picking them out for you, apparently. So you’ll have to make do with what you’re […]

  • Five different Lips language versions planned

    According to this Siliconera story, Microsoft has rated five different language versions of Lips in Europe. Apparently, SKUs are planned in English; Italian; Spanish; “Swiss, Austrian, and Luxembourgian”; and “Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, and Swedish”. Not really sure about that last one, but there we are. More through the link.

  • Lips boxing shows spangly microphones

    X3F’s posted a shot of the Lips packing, showing the game’s two sparkly microphones and a “wickedy wick” picture on the box. Astonishing. The karaoke game’s out later this year.

  • Microsoft's E3 press release: all the games in one place

    Microsoft has put out a press release detailing all the game we can look forward to this year and next. You saw most of them this evening but there are a couple that didn’t make it. After the drop, if you please. By Mike Bowden

  • Microsoft's Lips supports motion-sensitive wireless mics

    The Gamerscore Blog let the cat out of the bag a bit early but Elite Beat Agents dev iNiSs Singstar clone, Lips will feature motion-sensitive wireless microphones. Full thing through the link. By Mike Bowden

  • Rumour: First Lips pics leaked?

    God. Who knows? A few pics claiming to be from unannounced Microsoft karaoke game Lips just popped up on Gamekyo. Coul be true. May not be. We’ll find out Monday, no doubt.

  • "Microsoft to debut a new music game at E3," says Variety

    Variety’s reporting that Microsoft will show a “new music game at E3”. It’s Lips, Mr Variety, as Kotaku‘s pointed out. Glad that’s cleared up.

  • Intellisponse rumour round-up - lest we forget

    Intellisponse, a market research firm, last night got “internetalised” in a rather brutal way, causing a flood of rumours on unannounced games. We’re mindful that some of you don’t have to convince your wives and husbands that writing nonsense about spacemen and pretend cars in the middle of the night is “necessary”, so here’s everything […]

  • Rumour: New Singstar-esque game Lips revealed

    Earlier this evening the existence of Xbox Live “Avatars” was apparently leaked through a research firm called Intellisponse. Through the site’s backend videogaming247 can reveal that “Lips”, the mysterious brand that was expected to be announced at the Microsoft Gamer’s Day in May, appears to be a Singstar-style game. From the source: “Lips is a […]

  • MS Gamer's Day: New titles unearthed ahead of SF event

    A chap over at Neogaf‘s uncovered some new game titles while sniffing around on Microsoft’s site for Banjo shots, including what looks to be a new Viva Pinata game (shots here) and a Scene It? sequel. Given how watertight info on tomorrow’s Gamer’s Day has been so far, do die of shock if you see […]

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