Valve’s Lighthouse, VR controllers and more explained

Valve’s less-talked about prototype VR controllers and its Lighthouse technology have been shown in more detail.

6 years ago

Lighthouse headlines

  • SteamVR: Valve's Lighthouse tech allows you to walk around while playing

    SteamVR’s key differentiator is a piece of tech allowing headsets to connect with other devices for extra accurate, room-scale tracking.

    6 years ago
  • City of Heroes community manager resigns

    As posted on the official City of Heroes boards, the game’s community manager has resigned after making some unpopular statements about PvP changes in the MMO.The staffer, “Lighthouse”, had already retracted and apologized for the note, in which he said, “We knew that the current PvP community wasn’t likely to react well to the changes […]

    12 years ago