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Upcoming Rockstar games for PS4: Max Payne 2, Midnight Club 3, GTA Liberty City Stories, Vice City Stories

A slew of ESRB ratings suggest Rockstar Games will bring several gaming classics to the PlayStation 4.

4 years ago

Liberty City Stories headlines

  • GTA IV episodes were planned "from the beginning", says Rockstar

    Rockstar’s Imran Sarwar has said that GTA IV’s downloadable episodes were “part of the plan from the beginning”, and Niko’s story was designed to “make him feel like a small part of a much larger world.”“Even at the end of [Niko’s] story, he’s not the king of the town by any means, ” the associate […]

    11 years ago
  • Trailer for The Ballad of Gay Tony reminds us of TMZ

    Rockstar has sent over the new video for The Ballad of Gay Tony, which shows the Nightlife in Liberty City. The video teases an upcoming episode of the celebrity gossip show, Fizz!, where people are exposed doing all sorts of drunken, scandalous, and not-so-glamorous things. Can’t wait for its release later this month.

    12 years ago
  • Rumor: Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories headed to PSN

    Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories, Rockstar’s PSP GTA games, may soon become available on the PlayStation Store.As Joystiq points out, a digital re-release would be a grand idea considering the biggest flaw for both games was the loading times.That would, hopefully, be a thing of the past should these go up on PSN.Via […]

    12 years ago