EA, GameStop, Microsoft awarded perfect scores on Corporate Equality Index

EA, GameStop and Microsoft have been awarded a perfect score in this year’s Corporate Equality Index.

LGBT headlines

  • EA's LGBT event calls for diversity in 'white dude' industry

    EA’s Full Spectrum event kicked off in New York yesterday, to discuss the industry’s approach to LGBT issues at large. The overall response is that more diversity is needed, and that the perception is that the industry is still very much the domain of ‘white dudes’.

  • EA hosting LGBT discussion event today

    EA is hosting a “Full Spectrum” event in New York today, which will be used as a platform for discussion LGBT issues in gaming.

  • CBS, EA, Microsoft and Zynga sign Amicus brief against DOMA

    Gamespot parent company CBS Interactive, EA, Microsoft and Zynga have signed an amicus brief against the US’s Defense of Marriage Act. They’re the only companies directly involved in gaming to get behind the brief, which EA said is impractical for employers, as it forces them to treat same-sex and different-sex partnered employees under different rules. […]

  • EA awarded 100% score on HRC's LGBT equality rating

    EA has once more scored very highly in the Human Rights Campaign’s LGBT corporate equality index.

  • 'LBGT is a non-issue for our investors': EA talks equality in games

    EA has discussed the treatment of LBGT themes in games, sparked by the controversial Defense of Marriage Act in the States. The publisher – as well as Zynga – has discussed the issue at length in a new interview, stating that as far as investors are concerned, there is no need for concern or debate […]

  • Not just a trend: Why queer visibility matters in games

    Little drops can turn into a flood. Julie Horup explains why the industry’s growing acceptance of queer themes is more than niche appeal.