LG’s Optimus 4X HD releasing in European countries this month

LG has announced that its 4.7-inch Optimus 4X HD will release in select European countries this month.

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  • Unity and LG team up to bring more games to smart TVs

    Highly portable game engine Unity has added yet another platform to its line-up of supported devices – smart TVs. Gamasutra reports consumer electronics manufacturer LG has struck a deal with Unity to deliver games built on its engine to a new range of TVs. Unity has over 750,000 licensees including Square Enix. LG has also […]

  • LG Cup Street Fighter IV HD offers $21,000 prize pool

    Street Fighter fans in and around Los Angeles should visit the Belasco Theater this Saturday, where from 11:00AM to 6:00PM the LG Cup Street Fighter IV HD tournament will be in full swing. The competition is one leg of the global Street Fighter championships, so there’s sure to be some excellent bouts. You can register […]

  • Sony, LG settle patent dispute

    Sony and LG have announced they’ve settled patent disputes between the two companies. The lawsuits earlier this year affected shipments of PS3 coming into Europe after customs were ordered to seize shipments in Holland due to an injunction from LG, which claimed that PS3 used its Blu-ray video technology. The Korean company has now dropped […]

  • "The era of dedicated handheld gaming platform is over," says LG CEO

    LG CEO and president, Dr. Jong-seok Park, is of the opinion that the “era of dedicated handheld gaming platform is over,” now that the South Korean electronics company has released its glasses-free Optimus 3D mobile in the country.

  • Court lifts LG Sony injunction, sets 300,000 PS3s free

    The injunction in a patent disagreement between LG and Sony has been lifted, meaning that 300,000 stranded PS3s in Holland are now free to go.

  • Dutch police confiscate thousands of PlayStation 3 consoles

    Dutch police have reportedly seized tens of thousands of PlayStation 3 consoles from warehouses as part of Sony and LG’s ongoing patent dispute.

  • Report - LG looking to pull PS3 from US shelves

    Korean tech company LG is looking to have PS3 and BRAVIA TVs prevented from being sold in the US.

  • LG "superphone" supports cross-platform multiplayer

    The Optimus 2X isn’t just a smartphone – the official description is superphone. LG and nVidia are pretty proud of their new Android handset, especially as it can run a multiplayer game against PC, PlayStation 3 and presumably Xbox 360 competitors. Whoa.

  • LG brings 3D gaming to 360... in Korea

    Engadget’s reporting that an LG TV will allow 360 games to be played in 3D. Woo, and indeed, T.