Lego Rock Band

New Lego: Rock Band video goes live

EG has live a brand new video of Lego: Rock Band, which looks like the introduction of the game. Find it through the link. It’s out this autumn for PS3, 360, Wii, PS2 and DS.

Lego Rock Band headlines

  • New Lego: Rock Band trailer released has a new trailer of Lego: Rock Band to feast your eyes over. It features “Accidently in Love” by the Counting Crows. Game looks good. Song? Not so much. It’s out this autumn for PS3, 360, Wii, PS2 and DS.

  • Blur lends likeness to LEGO Rock Band

    Like Bowie, Queen, and Iggy Pop before them, Blur are to be LEGOized in Lego Rock Band. You can see the boys in action hammering along to Song 2 in their blocky forms over on Rolling Stone. Thanks to RS, we keep shouting WHOO HOO through the house. Nice one.

  • LEGO Rock Band hitting the UK November 27

    Warner Bros. has confirmed that LEGO Rock Band will hit the UK on November 27. Developers by Traveller’s Tales in conjunction with Harmonix, the game has loads of songs in it with the curses removed. Nice track list there though. Still, Short & Sweet is a bit innuendo filled, but maybe the kiddies won’t notice. […]

  • Queen guitarist playable in LEGO Rock Band, dedicated game may happen

    Queen guitarist Brian May has said that he is pretty much delighted to be a playable character in LEGO Rock Band, calling it “the ultimate accolade, to be portrayed in Lego. My dreams are all fulfilled now.” Good to know he has outed that bit, especially to the BBC. While speaking with the news outlet, […]

  • Lego: Rock Band tracklisting announced, exporting songs to Rock Band confirmed

    Warner Bros has just sent out the full tracklist for Lego: Rock Band. It contains Blur, Pink, David Bowie, Ray Parker Jr, KT Tunstall, Kaiser Chiefs and more. As well as the tracklist, it was also confirmed that Rock Band DLC will be fully compatable with L:RB fom release, as will be exporting tracks from […]

  • LEGO Rock Band video shows David Bowie in action

    You’ve heard the news. You’ve seen the screens. Now watch LEGO’s version of David Bowie in action in the video posted after the break, courtesy of GameVideos. Let’s Dance, people.

  • LEGO Rock Band shots reveal a non-sulking David Bowie

    Some more shots of a LEGO-ized, smiling, David Bowie popped up for LEGO Rock Band on the net today. You can get a look at ’em over on GoNintendo. It’s out for DS, PS3, Wii and Xbox 360 in November.

  • David Bowie playable in Lego: Rock Band

    Our dreams of playing as David Bowie are no longer a fantasy. They’re reality. USA Today has the first shot of Bowie as a character in the game, also revealing that Bowie’s Let’s Dance will be in the game. Sweetness. More through the link.

  • Iggy Pop joins Lego Rock Band, his shirt does not

    Former Stooges frontman Iggy Pop is bringing his immaculately waxed chest to Lego Rock Band. Well, we guess he’s bringing the rest of himself as well, but come on, look at that. Iggy will be shrinking down and rocking out to his own “The Passenger,” along with whatever else you might want to play. If […]

  • Lego Rock Band coming to the DS

    CVG‘s gotten a quick peek at Lego Rock Band on this Nintendo DS, and apparently, it’s even more family friendly than the main versions of the game. For one thing, “suggestive lyrics” will be absent from the game. Songs included on the DS’s surprisingly capable cart are Ruby by the Kaiser Chiefs, Monster by The […]

  • LEGO Rock Band getting the hair-band treatment

    Warner Bros. and MTV have announced five more tracks for LEGO Rock Band. Here’s the rub: “You Give Love a Bad Name” – Bon Jovi “In Too Deep” – Sum 41 “Accidentally in Love” – The Counting Crows “Aliens Exist” – Blink 182 “Tick Tick Boom!” – The Hives So far 13 tracks have been […]

  • Lego Rock Band lets you "battle sea-monsters" with "power of rock"

    Lego Rock Band will let you battle denizens of the deep with the “power of rock,” according to TT Games boss Jonathan Smith. We’re not lying. “In a Lego world, where anything is possible, all the brilliant things about Rock Band mix with all the brilliant things about Lego,” Smith told VG247. “The Lego character […]

  • Lego Rock Band compatible with Guitar Hero controllers

    Lego Rock Band will work with “current” Guitar Hero controllers, Traveller’s Tales boss Jonathan Smith has confirmed. “We’re certainly compatible with all the forthcoming new Rock Band instruments – and in the future you’ll continue to be able to use any instruments which are Rock Band-compatible, as are the current Guitar Hero controllers,” the boss […]

  • Jackson track confirmed for Lego Rock Band

    Lego Rock Band will have a Jackson 5 track, Traveller’s Tales boss Jonathan Smith told VG247 this morning. “We have the Jackson 5’s amazing ‘I Want You Back’; “Breakout” by Foo Fighters, and ‘A-Punk’ from the brilliant Vampire Weekend,” said the developer. These new tracks are in addition to those confirmed when the game was […]

  • First LEGO Rock Band trailer is adorable

    The first video for LEGO Rock Band has surfaced. Man, it sure is cute. French gaming site JeuxVideo has it, so the words that pop up on the screen are not in English, obviously. Details known so far can be found here in a previous post. Via Joystiq.

  • LEGO Rock Band details include rock-themed challenges

    LEGO Rock Band was officially announced yesterday, and today some extra details have surfaced on – like destroying a giant robot using the power of rock. No joke. Here’s the lowdown: Songs you know and love: Rock out to everything from current radio hits to past favorites the whole family will enjoy. LEGO-themed rock […]

  • Lego Rock Band confirmed for 2009 release

    Warner’s just confirmed Lego Rock Band for 2009 release. The game’s on the way for Wii, PS3, 360, and DS. Songs included: Blur: “Song 2” Carl Douglas: “Kung Fu Fighting” Europe: “The Final Countdown” Good Charlotte: “Boys and Girls” Pink: “So What” Told you. Announcement after the break.

  • Lego Rock Band accidentally confirmed

    Harmonix designer Dan Teasdale’s confirmed on his blog that Lego Rock Band was supposed to be announced at GDC. He’s provided the slides to prove it. There’s a PDF there of an earlier version of the designer’s GDC session – obviously, it didn’t happen. Looks like Lego Rock Band was planned to be announced prior […]

  • No Lego Harry Potter in 2009, says Eurogamer source

    A “senior source” at Traveller’s Tales has told Eurogamer that there will be no Lego Harry potter in 2009. Rumours of the title’s existence first appeared at the beginning of December. VG247 was met with a “no comment” on the subject from Warner. The firm told Eurogamer’s Johnny Minkley in a radio interview over New […]

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