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Xbox Live Deals with Gold: Star Wars titles, Just Dance and Rocksmith 2014 DLC

Microsoft has posted its latest Xbox Live Deals with Gold and from today through May 5, discounts on select Star Wars titles, Just Dance 2014 DLC and more are available.

Lego Indiana Jones headlines

  • Saints Row 2 and LEGO Indy added to Games on Demand

    Two new titles arrived to day via Microsoft’s Games on Demand Service. Saints Row 2 will run you $29.99, and LEGO Indiana Jones is $19.99 Both are available everywhere except Japan and Mexico (Indy), and you can check prices for your region by hitting the link below. Via the Major.

  • Video for LEGO Indiana Jones 2 shows bar scene from first film

    A new video for LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues has been released and it’s posted past the break, courtesy of BigDownload. It’s basically the scene from the bar during the first part of the first movie, with clips from it coinciding with the LEGO version. Looks rather cute. Makes us want to watch […]

  • Lego Indiana Jones demo now up on Live

    The Major brings word that the 360 Lego Indiana Jones demo is now available on Xbox Live. Go fetch!

  • Lego Indiana Jones goes back to number one in UK

    That was quick. Lego Indiana Jones has gone back to number one in the UK all formats, knocking Metal Gear Solid 4 straight off the top. Last week’s here. Data for week ending June 21. Lego Indiana Jones Metal Gear Solid 4 Alone In The Dark GTA IV Wii Play Mario & Sonic At The […]

  • New Lego Indiana Jones shots posted

    Only two weeks to go! GameInfoWire‘s got some new screens of Lego Indiana Jones, and they look fantastic. Roll on June 6. Take a look.

  • No Lego Indiana Jones demo for consoles

    EG’s just posted this, saying there isn’t going to be a Lego Indiana Jones demo for consoles before launch. The new comes after the release of the PC demo yesterday.

  • Lego Indiana Jones PC demo released

    It’s on Gamershell and it’ll cost you 464.62Mb of hard drive. No idea what’s actually included in it, but you owe it to yourself to find out. So do.

  • New Lego Indiana Jones trailer gives us goosebumps

    It’s on Gamershell. This look to be ramping up somewhat for the title now, what with the website being launched this week, and all, and with only a little over a month to go we’re on the verge of excited. Take a look. The movie’s chock-full of scenes from the movies, including the fist fight […]

  • Lego Indiana Jones site launches

    LucasArts has launched the official site of Lego Indiana Jones, “the game your wife will play”. We thought there was a demo on there for the PC version then, but there’s just a “coming soon” on the download bit after you click the demo link. But the site’s got great music, so that’s fine. The […]

  • Belloq from Indiana Jones: "I will never play a game in my life"

    This has to rank as one of the greatest videogames interviews of all time. Eurogamer got some time with Paul Freeman – the actor that played wicked French gold-digger Belloq in the original Indiana Jones movie – as part of Lego Indy PR. A bit: Eurogamer: Does it look like the sort of game you […]

  • Lego Indiana Jones: more than 60 playable characters

    Blimey. Activision just put out a Lego Indiana Jones fact sheet that claims more than 60 characters are playable in the game, including Marion Ravenwood, Short Round, Rene Belloq, Willie Scott, Marcus Brody, Jones Senior and Mola Ram. The game hits Europe on June 6. From the release: Everyone’s favorite fedora wearing hero returns to […]

  • New Lego Indiana Jones shots

    Here, just because we know you love it. The game ships in June.

  • New Lego Indiana Jones trailer looks super-cool

    This does look great. The new footage shows plenty of gameplay from the beginning of the game, including the walk through the jungle at the start of the first movie and being chased by the rolling ball. All good.

  • Lego Indiana Jones dated as June 6 for Europe by Live

    A press release Live just put out – the focus of which is that Lego Indiana Jones is going to be playable at the event – has given a release date for the game as June 6. The title previously had a June 3 date for the US, but no specific European date had […]

  • Lego Indiana Jones pack art makes new cast reveals

    Here. Lego Indiana Jones’s pack art clearly shows Short Round, Marion and French Archaeologist Dr. Bellog from Raiders and the evil cult leader Mola Ram from Temple of Doom, and Indy’s father Henry Jones from the Last Crusade. We’re pretty hard for this now. June is the date.

  • No Lego Indiana Jones demo for Euro movies

    According to this, there’ll be no Lego Indiana Jones demo in the DVD releases of the original movies this summer. We reported this morning that a taster for the game was to be included in the US versions of the films.

  • Lego Indiana Jones demo to be included with movies

    According to this, Paramount is going to include a playable demo of Lego Indiana Jones in its upcoming DVD special editions of the classic action movies, for release in May. Assume that this only applies to the US for now.

  • Lego Indiana Jones: new shots and details

    Here. There are a fair few images we haven’t seen before there, and quite a big preview. Go look, if you like it cute, whippy.and non-Nazi.

  • Indiana Jones doesn't include four-way multiplayer, someone make big booboo

    Whoops. Following news earlier this week that Lego Indiana Jones was to include four-player co-op, MTV Multiplayer’s Stephen Totilo – the original source of the news – has just posted this, saying that LucasArts got it wrong. “LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures’ will feature the user friendly drop-in/drop-out two-player cooperative feature that players have […]

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