Lego Battles

LEGO Battles gets a really, really cute trailer

Sure it’s cute – it has LEGOs in it doing all sorts of LEGO stuff.Best part is you get to see all the space, castle and pirate toy lines from your youth battle it out together or against opponents.Just like you did with your hands and imaginations way back when.There’s a press release announcing the […]

12 years ago

Lego Battles headlines

  • LEGO Battles heading to DS this summer

    Traveller’s Tales announced Lego Battles for DS today.The game will feature three Lego toy themes, and allow you to build your own fortresses and wage battle against other teams across six storylines and over 70 different levels.This means that your Lego pirates can battle wizards and aliens, and your dragons can knock about with ninjas […]

    12 years ago