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  • Take-Two Duke Nukem Forever lawsuit includes Xbox 360 ports and off-shore bank accounts

    Gather ’round, kids. It’s story time. Shacknews recently couldn’t avoid stumbling over new documents pertaining to the Take-Two and 3D Realms’ Duke Nukem Forever feud because — hoo boy — within those documents lies one tall tale. In essence, Take-Two claims that 3D Realms/Apogee wouldn’t agree to develop an Xbox 360 version of the now […]

  • Retired NFL players suing EA and Madden for putting them back in the game

    Old people play videogames now, EA. You’re going to have to find a new place to break the law. That is, if a lawsuit — headed up by NFL retiree Bernie Parrish — succeeds in landing the mega-publisher firmly on its hindquarters. According to the jilted ex-player, John Madden has pulled in “over $100,000,000 in […]

  • Microsoft and PalTalk settle $90 million lawsuit early

    Microsoft has settled the $90 million patent infringement lawsuit brought against it by PalTalk. PalTalk claimed it owned rights to “interactive applications over multiple computers,” and said that Microsoft infringed upon these via Xbox 360 and Halo multiplayer. The trial, which started Monday, ended early when both parties agreed on an undisclosed sum. This figure […]

  • Puzo estate and Paramount settle Godfather suit out of court

    The lawsuit between the estate of Mario Puzo and Paramount over 2006 action crime game The Godfather has been settled out of court for an undisclosed sum. Puzo’s estate – the author passed away ten years ago – was trying to get Paramount to fork over $1 million in sales and rental revenue. “We think […]

  • NCSoft will defend itself "vigorously" against a lawsuit that has "no merit"

    In light of the recent lawsuit filed by, NCSoft told videogaming247 this afternoon that whilst it can’t comment on specific cases, it takes all legal action seriously and that the company intends to defend itself “vigorously”. “We can’t comment on potential litigation except to say that NCsoft takes all legal action seriously – even […]

  • Buzztime sues Sony over Buzz!

    California-based Buzztime Entertainment has filed a suit against SCEE, says this, alleging that the Buzz! series of games, developed by Relentless in Brighton, UK, infringes its trademarks. Buzztime makes trivia games for bars and restaurants, apparently played by 13 million people a month. According to that Gamespot report, “The Buzztime Entertainment trademarks cover uses of […]

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