Last Fm sees 1.6 million new users after Xbox Live inclusion

Microsoft’s confirmed in a PR that since the introduction of on Live back in November, the service has been used by over 1.6 million people.

Last Fm headlines

  • 10 million Live members use Twitter, Facebook, more

    According to a Microsoft PR, over 10 million Xbox Live users have used Twitter, Facebook,, Zune Marketplace and Sky Player. That’s over half of the now confirmed 20 million users that populate Xbox Live.

  • XBL: 1 million profiles created for

    Looks as though one million people have created profiles for on XBL, and streamed over 120 million minutes of music. Last count it was at around half a million profiles, but apparently that number has soared since Tuesday, when Microsoft made the announcement. Zune is doing well too, with 1.7 million users trying it […]

  • 2 million log into Facebook through Xbox 360

    Microsoft has told CNET that at least 2 million Xbox Live users logged into Facebook through Xbox 360 in the week since the two services were integrated, and that half a million accounts were created in the first 24 hours of availability. No figures have been released on Twitter use through 360, but according […]

  • Twitter, Facebook and 360 go live

    Nelson’s confirmed that Facebook, Zune Video, Twitter and Last.FM are now available on 360. Facebook and Twitter should appear automatically on your dashboard in the new My Community channel. Zune Video is in the Video Channel and Last.FM should now be found under the Music Channel. Get ready for 50 billion Tweets saying, “Tweeting from […]

  • Nelson: 360 soc media updates will "just appear" tomorrow

    According to Mr Nelson, tomorrow‘s Twitter, and Facebook 360 update won’t be an update at all: it’s all going to happen by magic. “When we turn on the new features tomorrow they’ll just appear! No need for a system update,” said the exec. That’s just freakin’ freaky, man. Now, if only Microsoft could master […]

  • Reminder - Twitter, Last FM, Facebook coming to Xbox 360 tomorrow

    As if you need any reminding, Microsoft has released a press release which details the big dashboard update for the Xbox 360 tomorrow. Facebook, Twitter, Last FM and Zune Marketplace are all coming to the 360 tomorrow. Go play about with them from tomorrow morning. The PR itself is after the jump.

  • 360 Facebook, Twitter, Last.FM to launch next week on November 17

    Did you see that date? Our eyes weren’t playing tricks on us back in October after all now, were they? Xbox Live general manager, Marc Whitten, has confirmed to FastCompany that the dashboard update which includes Facebook, Twitter, and Last.FM will go live on Tuesday, November 17, which means come next week – you’ll be […]

  • Minors can't use Twitter on Xbox 360, says the Major

    Looks like Xbox 360 users under the age of 18 cannot use Twitter on Xbox 360. Apparently, this goes for the whole Dashboard update that includes Last.Fm and Facebook as well, until parental controls allow it. Here’s the official word from the Major himself: As some of you might be aware, those under the age […]

  • Twitter/Facebook/ XBL preview invites going out Friday

    Microsoft’s Major Nelson has sent word (via Twitter, naturally) that invites for the New Social Networking Experience preview program will be along shortly. “The preview schedule: We close sign ups later today and (if all goes well) send first wave of notification emails Friday,” he said. And that’s all he wrote.

  • 360 Twitter, Facebook update demoed in video

    Kotaku’s posted up three videos of the forthcoming Twitter 360 update being put through its paces. Watch them all after the break. There’s a movie there of Twitter and Facebook being used, one of being trialled and another of stuff that didn’t work properly. Like 1080p streaming. The update’s happening next month.

  • Microsoft removes November 17 date for Facebook/Twitter on XBL

    Well, isn’t this a surprise. Microsoft has removed all trace of the November 17 date that was on the Xbox website over the weekend for Facebook, Twitter and The website now just lists autumn 2009 for the update. We’ll email Microsoft about this for comment. Oh, by the way, before we forget: we’re on […]

  • Facebook and Twitter go live on XBL Nov 17 in the UK

    Microsoft has announced that its Facebook, Twitter, and Last.Fm update for Xbox Live will launch November 17 in the UK. This was spotted on the UK Xbox website. The public Beta is still slated for gold members during the middle of October. No word on if the US is getting the services the same day […]

  • Video demos XBL dashboard Tweeting, Facebook and Last.FM

    Joystiq has posted a video demoing Twitter, Facebook, and Last.Fm for Xbox Live. The vid was taken during the Microsoft Open House event yesterday, where the fall Xbox Dashboard Update was previewed. Go on and watch past the break.

  • Microsoft: Facebook and Last.FM public Beta coming this month

    Microsoft announced during its Open House event today in NYC that a public Beta for Facebook, Twitter and Last.FM integration on XBL will launch later in the month. Jennifer Puzio-Brookes, entertainment manager for Xbox, revealed the update during a behind-closed-doors session, stating the Beta will land during the “middle-towards-the-end of October.” Invites to certain members […]

  • 360 system update today in prep for Twitter and Facebook [Update]

    Nelson just confirmed that Xbox 360’s firmware will be upgraded today in preparation for the inclusion of Facebook, Twitter and functionality. “Sometime over the next few hours when you sign in to Xbox LIVE you’ll receive a prompt to accept this mandatory update,” said the exec. “If you are signed into LIVE already, you […]

  • Microsoft video to relaunch as Zune Video this fall

    Microsoft will relaunch its Xbox Live Video Marketplace as Zune Video this fall and Last.FM will be included as a free service to all Gold members. The movie library will be updated to 1080p with instantaneous download via streaming for eight to 18 countries. “So what does Zune bring to the party? Well, in time […]

  • Microsoft to partner with Last FM, not sure how just yet

    Microsoft announced during its E3 press event that it would be partnering with Last FM. It really didn’t say what exactly the deal was, whether it be streaming music through Xbox 360 or through Zune. After it was announced, the presenters skipped straight to NetFlix. We’ll be sure to find out for you though.