Largest Gathering Of Games Characters

Guinness cos-players break record

Guinness reckons it broke the world record today for ‘Largest Gathering of Games Characters’ by getting 80 kids dressed up as Mario and other icons on a bridge in London. Lara, Sonic, Yoshi, and 30 little Marios all turned up, as well as some others. They all get into the 2009 Guinness World Record Gamer’s […]

Largest Gathering Of Games Characters headlines

  • Dress up like a pansy and get in the Guinness games book

    Guinness World Record’s Gamer’s Edition will be attempting the “largest gathering of games characters” on March 18, 10.30 to 11am on the Millenium Bridge, London. This involves you dressing up like a games character and turning up. Should you wish to debase yourself in this way simply to get your picture in a big book, […]