Land Of The Dead

Warhammer’s Land of the Dead patch up for pre-download

Warhammer Online players eager to get a quick start on the upcoming Land of the Dead update can pre-download patch 1.3.If you do, come June 16 you won’t have to wait as long for the update to finish.Right now it’s US and Oceanic only, but GOA (France Telecom) will release one for Europe early next […]

12 years ago

Land Of The Dead headlines

  • Land of the Dead screens released for Warhammer Online

    New shots of the upcoming Land of the Dead expansion for Warhammer Online popped up on Eurogamer this morning.There are 30 posted, and each depict a very Egyptian-like setting. Actually it would be considered Egypt if you could ride scary looking boar mounts and you were an orc.Somehow we don’t think Semerkhet or any of […]

    12 years ago