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Red Orchestra 2: Rising Storm headed to retail in UK, AU, Greece and South Africa

Lace Mamba is bringing a double pack of Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad and its standalone expansion Rising Storm to retail this quarter. The package will be available in stores in the UK, Australia, Greece and South Africa in Q2 2013. Rising Storm focuses on the Pacific Theatre; check out some screenshots through the […]

8 years ago

Lace Mamba headlines

  • Lace Mamba Euro MD resigns over non-payment scandal

    Lace Mamba’s European managing director Jason Codd has announced his departure from the publisher. In a statement issued to GamesIndustry, Codd said that internal investigation had turned up problems with the publisher’s policies, and issued an apology to any developers affected as a result. He said a change in management would help Lace Mamba ensure […]

    8 years ago
  • Lace Mamba accused of breach of contract over J.U.L.I.A.

    Developer CBE Software has accused UK published Lace Mamba Global of breach of contract, citing unpaid royalties for its work over ten months on J.U.L.I.A. and J.U.L.I.A. Untold. Lace Mamba told GamesIndustry that it wasn’t aware CBE had any complaints and had not been able to contact the developer to seek a resolution once it […]

    8 years ago