LA Noire: The Complete Edition

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Rockstar games are on sale through Steam this weekend.

8 years ago

LA Noire: The Complete Edition headlines

  • LA Noire PC gets DirectX 11 update

    Rockstar’s released an update for LA Noire: The Complete Edition on PC, enabling DirectX 11 support. Players who want to stay with DirectX 9, or just want to switch between the two, can do so in the game launcher.The Rockstar Newswire has more details.

    9 years ago
  • PSA: LA Noire: The Complete Edition now available for PC

    Just a friendly reminder to those planning on picking up The Complete Edition of LA Noire on PC, that it is now available for purchase in stores, on Steam and through OnLive. In addition to the original full game, the crime-noire comes with a multi-use code to access all downloadable add-ons and cases. This includes […]

    9 years ago