La Mulana

La-Mulana releasing on Steam in April, pre-order for 10% off

La-Mulana, the archaeological ruin exploration game from Nigoro, will be released on Steam in April, and it’s currently 10% off. The game was previously available on PC through Playism, before hitting WiiWare last September. Earlier this year, the game advanced through Steam’s Greenlight service, and will now release on April 15.

La Mulana headlines

  • Steam Greenlight - 10 more titles advance through the service

    Valve has announced the fourth set of games to advance through Steam Greenlight.

  • LA-MULANA, Pokédex 3D and others round out Nintendo US offerings this week

    LA-MULANA, Pokédex 3D, and others have landed on the US end of Nintendo’s eShop, WiiWare, and DSiWare services. Get acquainted with the downloadable goodness below.

  • La Mulana - video released for the WiiWare title

    La Mulana publisher EnjoyUp Games has released a video for the WiiWare title. It’s below, courtesy of D’toid. Enjoy. La Mulana launches September 20 for 1000 Wii Points.

  • La Mulana headed to WiiWare September 20

    La Mulana has been rescued; Nintendo now lists it for release on September 20, at 1000 Wii Points, through publisher EnjoyUp Games. The western WiiWare launch of the indie adventures was cancelled when Nicalis and Nigoro amicably parted ways after years of troubled development, but the team promised to keep pushing in order to “set […]

  • La Mulana now available through Playism

    Nigoro has come through on a promised PC release for La Mulana, which you can grab for $15 from Playism, a brand new digital distributor focusing on indie and localised games. The WiiWare version of the game hasn’t made it outside Japan after being shelved by Nicalis – a decision Nigoro blames on localisation difficulties […]

  • Nigoro pushing La Mulana WiiWare release "to set an example"

    La Mulana’s cancelled western WiiWare release may happen after all; writing on the game’s blog, developer Nigoro said it had received expressions of interest from multiple publishers, and wants to get the game out if it possibly can, both to please fans and “to set an example” for other Japanese indies. Nigoro expressed some frustration […]

  • La Mulana WiiWare shelving blamed on DLC, certification difficulties

    Director Takumi Naramura has said the cancelled western WiiWare release of La Mulana came about because of differing territorial expectations and Nigoro’s insistence on getting extra content in.

  • La Mulana western WiiWare release cancelled, PC version still on the cards

    Nicalis has cancelled the European and US release of Nigoro’s WiiWare platformer La Mulana. The publisher told GoNintendo the “steep decline” of WiiWare sales coupled with long delays prompted the decision. A PC version is on the way, and Nigoro hopes to make an announcement soon, as it’s currently overwhelmed by requests for more information. […]