Destiny: Guardians is Korea’s Destiny 2 with a new microtransaction merchant

Destiny: Guardians is a reworked version Destiny 2 that will be exclusive to South Korea.

3 years ago

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  • PSN game Malicious finally getting English version

    Last year, a gorgeous PSN game called Malicious was released in Japan, but it was unknown whether the game would ever make its way to North America or Europe. Finally, today, Siliconera spotted a listing on Korea’s Game Rating board for an English language version of the title.Malicious stars a character who carries a cloak […]

    9 years ago
  • Nintendo files 301 in US over piracy

    Hot on the heels of ESA’s 301 filing to the US government, pleading for help in the international war on pirates, Nintendo’s jumped on board and done the same thing.This one’s not quite as mad as ESA’s, which called for trade sanctions against Canada, but does include, according that reports, assistance from the US government […]

    13 years ago