Koei Tecmo Holdings

Koei merger with Tecmo official in Europe

The merger between Koei and Tecmo is now official in Europe, just in case the news of the Ninja Gaiden Sigma II demo  didn’t tip you off already.“In a move that brings together two of Japan’s biggest gaming companies, TKE will offer a new library of games to European audiences while continuing to thrill fans […]

12 years ago

Koei Tecmo Holdings headlines

  • Koei Tecmo shows off new logo

    Koei Tecmo’s released its new-look, post-merger logo, as you can see above.April 1’s the start of the new financial year in Japan, hence the bold new firm getting its bold new tits out.That’s it. Pretty, isn’t it? Thanks, Kotaku.

    12 years ago
  • Tecmo and Koei announce Koei Tecmo Holdings

    Tecmo and Koei revealed today that the two companies have merged and have now formed Koei Tecmo Holdings.The deal will be finalised as per April 1, 2009.The companies reveal their merger plans in September last year after Tecmo turned down Square’s advances earlier that same month.Thanks, Kotaku. By Mike Bowden

    12 years ago