Kinect Joyride

Kinect launching on November 20 in Japan, first video of Dr Kawashima Kinect game

Microsoft’s announced this morning it will launch Kinect in Japan on November 20.

10 years ago

Kinect Joyride headlines

  • Microsoft and Chevrolet team up for Kinect

    Microsoft has agreed a deal with Chevrolet which will see its new Volt electric car featured in Kinect Joyride.

    11 years ago
  • Kinect Joyride announced

    Microsoft has announced Kinect Joyride for Xbox 360.The new title is a motion controlled kart racer which you control by steering with your hands. Joyride has five gameplay modes including a stunt mode.Microsoft say that Kinect is going to completely redefine the car racing genre.More soon.

    11 years ago