Kieron Gillen

Brink, Enslaved, The Curfew up for Writers Guild award

Organisers of the Writers Guild Awards have announced the nominations for the Best Videogame awards. Splash Damage’s Ed Stern for Brink, Ninja Theory’s Tameem Antoniades & film producer Alex Garland for Enslaved and ex-journo Kieron Gillen for The Curfew are all up for the award, which will be given out on November 16 at Notting […]

9 years ago

Kieron Gillen headlines

  • Kieron Gillen leaves games journalism

    Rock Paper Shotgun writer Kieron Gillen has announced he’s left full-time games journalism after 15 years.

    10 years ago
  • The 10 most influential games journalists in Britain today

    Lists are brilliant. Channel 4 built a business out of them, so we’re not ashamed. Here are the ten most respected, influential games journalists working the UK trade today. These are the people PR want to kiss, the people you don’t leave alone in a room with your CEO, the people who’ll make you money […]

    13 years ago