Kid Icarus: Upririsng

Nintendo setting up pre-launch Kid Icarus: Upririsng multiplayer tournament

Nintendo’s announced it’s to hold a multiplayer tournament for Kid Icarus: Uprising in the US before the March 23 release in the US. The tournament will hav regional brackets before the nationals, with stops in San Francisco on March 8, Orlando on March 11, Los Angeles on March 15 and New York on March 22.Shack […]

9 years ago

Kid Icarus: Upririsng headlines

  • Kid Icarus: Uprising trailer is all about the intensity

    Nintendo’s launched a new trailer for Kid Icarus: Uprising, airing the game’s intensity system. When you collect hearts from enemies you’ve defeated, you can bet them to increase the intensity of boss fights. The higher the bet, the greater the reward if you succeed. Get the video below the break, via AGB.It’s out in Europe […]

    9 years ago