Keza MacDonald

IGN takes Keza MacDonald as games editor

VG247 super-freelancer Keza MacDonald’s latest full-time gig has been made official: the London-based journalist is joining IGN UK as games editor.

10 years ago

Keza MacDonald headlines

  • Kezcast - Can 3DS and NGP exist in a post-iPhone world?

    Introducing the Kezcast, a new series of VG247 audio features on topics du jour by Keza MacDonald. First up: what’s the point of 3DS and NGP when everyone’s got a smartphone?

    10 years ago
  • Gaikai works - video proof from Germany

    IGN’s just posted a video of Keza MacDonald playing WoW and Mario Kart through Gaikai. Watch it after the break.It works. No doubt. There it is: working. As MacDonald says in the WoW bit, the lag is “hardly noticeable”. The footage was filmed in Germany; the server’s in Holland.It was confirmed this morning that the […]

    11 years ago