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  • Xbox Live membership hits 14 million

    Microsoft just confirmed that Xbox Live membership has now hit 14 million. Xbox Live boss John Schappert confirmed the figure in his TGS keynote. Also confirmed tonight was the release of New Xbox Experience for November 19. For all the news from the keynote, hit this.

  • TGS08 - Microsoft keynote begins at 4.00am UK time

    Microsoft exec John Schappert is about to take to the stage at Tokyo Game Show to deliver his keynote. There’s about 15 minutes to go. We’ll be bringing you all the news as it happens. We’re expecting big bangs from the firm, including a first proper look at Bungie’s next Halo game. Don’t go changing.

  • Microsoft's Schappert to keynote TGS

    According to this Destructoid piece, Microsoft’s John Schappert is to keynote TGS. From the story: The keynote will be hosted by Microsoft Corporate Vice President of LIVE, Software and Sales, John Schappert on Thursday, October 9 at noon. Called “A Canvas for the World,” Schappert will focus “at how Xbox 360 will bring more people […]

  • GDC: "Downloadable content has come of age", says Microsoft's John Schappert

    Speaking to videogaming247 after his Wednesday GDC keynote, John Schappert – “Corporate Vice President LIVE, Software and Services for the Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft” – said that he believes downloadable content is now an accepted part of the gamer experience, and a precursor to the advent of “community gaming”. “No, not in any way,” […]

  • GDC: Microsoft keynote round-up - all the news in one place

    In case you missed anything, or you weren’t hardcore enough to be watching videogaming news on the internet yesterday evening, here’s a round-up of everything Microsoft-related that happened during and after John Schappert’s keynote yesterday. Obviously, Gears of War 2 is the story of the show, now pegged with a November release date for Xbox […]

  • GDC: Microsoft keynote audio online now

    Here. The whole thing’s been posted as a 72-minute MP3. Demand appears to be high at the moment, so don’t be surprised if you have to wait a while.

  • GDC: Over 1 billion Achievements unlocked on Live, says Microsoft

    John Schappert, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of Live, Software and Services for the Interactive Entertainment Business, has just claimed that over 1 billion Achievments have been unlocked on Xbox Live in his keynote. “The Xbox 360 community has now unlocked over 1 billion Achievements,” he said, adding, “Gamers have activated almost 20 billion [Microsoft] Points”. […]

  • GDC: Microsoft's keynote is done and dusted

    John Schappert, Corporate Vice President LIVE, Software and Services for the Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft, the man with the stupidest job title in the world, has finished delivering the opening conference keynote at GDC in San Francisco. Check out full details over on Eurogamer’s LiveText report. No one streamed video for the conference this […]

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