Natural Doctrine directed by Patapon series director

Fantasy strategy RPG Natural Doctrine is overseen by Atsushi Ii, best known for the Patapon series of rhythm action strategy RPG hybrids.

7 years ago

Kadokawa headlines

  • First Natural Doctrine screenshots and story details released

    The first details of Kadokawa’s upcoming PS3/4 Vita SRPG Natural Doctrine have come to light on the game’s recently launched website, along with a bunch of screenshots you can catch after the break.

    7 years ago
  • First Rodea the Sky Fighter trailer

    Everything Sonic creator Yuji Naka turns his hand is a thing we want to put under the microscope, or perhaps on the altar. The first trailer for the recently detailed Rodea the Sky Fighter is here, and while the characters may speak Japanese the game itself is talking pure boner.

    10 years ago