Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Mod

Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod gets massive patch this week

Development of the Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod continues and it’s due for a hefty update very soon.

Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Mod headlines

  • Just Cause 2′s multiplayer mod gets a launch trailer

    Just Cause 2’s unofficial multiplayer mod releases today after a round of public tests, and to commemorate the launch the team behind the mod has posted a launch trailer to show you all the crazy things that can be done to/with others.

  • Just Cause 2's multiplayer mod releases on Steam December 16

    Just Cause 2’s multiplayer mod will arrive on Steam December 16, according to it’s page on Steam. The final beta test for the mod is scheduled to end two days earlier. “JC2-MP is a project to bring multiplayer to Just Cause 2 in all of its magnificent glory,” reads the page blurb. “Imagine the chaos […]

  • Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod to release on Steam

    Just Cause 2’s multiplayer mod will see an official Steam release, its creators have confirmed.

  • Just Cause 2 open beta for multiplayer mod starts tomorrow

    The Just Cause 2 mod which adds multiplayer is in open beta this weekend. It starts at 1am PST Saturday and will run for 48 hours. In order to participate, you will need to own the game through Steam and register for a beta account through the mod’s site. The changelog from the last version […]

  • Just Cause 2 - another public beta for the multiplayer mod starts this weekend

    Just Cause 2 has another beta weekend planned for the multiplayer mod, and it starts tomorrow morning at 4.00am EDT/8.00am GMT and lasts for 48 hours. New features include: Extended Passenger Sync, added basic server-side Lua gamemode scripting, and “drastically improved” weapon accuracy and sync. A few bug fixed have been applied as well, and […]