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Capcom has at least one unnanounced PS4 game in the works

Capcom has more than Resident Evil and Deep Down on the go for PS4, apparently.

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  • Takeuchi: "Nobody has a set answer" to financial success

    Capcom producer Jun Takeuchi has described the current financial minefield of game development as a “fun period” and says “nobody has a set answer” for which domains companies should invest time and money in.

  • Capcom to announce two large scale original games by this summer

    Capcom’s Jun Takeuchi has told Famitsu that the publisher will announce two big games by this summer.

  • First Resident Evil 6 info coming "shortly," says Inafune

    Sounds like we’re going to be waiting a lot less than eight years for this.

  • Capcom US admits lessons learned from RE5 racism claims

    Remember when everyone went mental over Resident Evil 5 featuring a buff white man murdering black men in grass skirts? Capcom does too.

  • Takeuchi not working on Resi 6, has other plans

    Resident Evil 5 producer Jun Takeuchi has said he won’t be involved in the production of Resident Evil 6.

  • RE5 boss: Japanese games industry hasn't got "hope in hell"

    Lost Planet 2 and Resident Evil 5 producer Jun Takeuchi has said that unless the Japanese games industry evolves and keeps up with western games development, it doesn’t have a “hope in hell”.

  • Jun Takeuchi "not planning on" Resident Evil 6 involvement

    Capcom’s Jun Takeuchi has said that he doesn’t plan on returning to the Resident Evil series anytime soon.

  • Screens for Lost Planet 2 are deliciously great

    Capcom has released some new screens for Lost Planet 2 from episodes 1 and 3.

  • Interview: Lost Planet 2's Jun Takeuchi

    Jun Takeuchi is a busy man. “Mr Resident Evil” hadn’t even finished producing the fifth instalment in everyone’s favourite zombie franchise when he announced Lost Planet 2 in an Xbox Live special, promising to trump Extreme Condition in pretty much every way. The shooter sequel has four-way co-op and some of the stupidest bosses seen […]

  • Capcom confirms cut content from Lost Planet 2 360, doesn't rule it out as DLC

    Lost Planet 2 producer Jun Takeuchi has confirmed that content was cut from the shooter on Xbox 360.

  • Takeuchi: "Cultural differences" prevent Japanese working with western devs

    Big-time Capcom producer Jun Takeuchi – Lost Planet, Resident Evil 5 – reckons western developers can’t work with Japanese developers thanks to culture. “The core elements of [Lost Planet 2] were developed in Japan, while the music and some of the language details were handled overseas”, he said in an internal interview. “Cultural differences don’t […]

  • Lost Planet movie is "completely different from the game"

    According to Capcom, the storyline for the movie based on Lost Planet will be “completely different from the game”. “[There] probably [won’t be] so much of a reference to this particular title [Lost Planet 2],” Lost Planet producer Jun Takeuchi told G4. “However, the only thing I know is those people working on the project […]

  • Resident Evil 5: Director's Cut content confirmed for 360

    Resident Evil 5 producer Jun Takeuchi’s confirmed to Famitsu that the game’s Director’s Cut content will be coming to 360, as reported by IGN. The title’s new episode, which features around two hours of play, will be made available to 360 owners in a “different form,” according to that piece. You can “expect details in […]

  • Capcom: No plans for RE5 Wii port, no producer for RE6 yet

    Capcom has not decided on a producer for Resident Evil 6 yet, according to RE5 producer Jun Takeuchi. “The producer for Resident Evil 6 hasn’t been decided yet,” Takeuchi told Kotaku. “I think, while Resident Evil 4 is a great game, its appeal was limited somewhat to maniac players. With RE5, I wanted to bring […]

  • Capcom's Takeuchi says Sony motion control could create Wii to PS3 ports

    Capcom’s Jun Takeuchi has weighed in on the upcoming motion control devices for both Sony and Microsoft, and while he says that the firm is “very receptive to Natal” and looking forward to coming up with games for it, Sony’s motion control is giving developers other ideas. “I can tell you that we have a […]

  • Takeuchi: We're looking at Lost Planet 2 split-screen

    Lost Planet 2 producer Jun Takeuchi has told Joystiq that they are working on implementing split-screen co-op for the game. “It’s not easy, but if we are confident that we can do it, we’ll let you know,” said Takeuchi, who was also producer on Resident Evil 5. He also admitted though that if split-screen was added, some […]

  • Lost Planet 2 demo "coming soon, I guess," says Takeuchi

    Lost Planet 2 producer Jun Takeuchi has revealed at Famitsu’s Midnight Live 360 event that a four player co-op demo for the monster-shooter is “coming soon, I guess.” Whether this means he’s simply speculating that it’s imminent, or the suffix is simply a throwaway comment, remains to be seen. Lost Planet 2 has no release […]

  • Capcom "still thinking about" Lost Planet 2 for PS3

    Remember how Capcom announced Lost Planet 2 on Xbox Live and only confirmed it for 360? And remember how there was tons of speculation about whether or not it was coming to PS3? Yeah, well it isn’t. Yet. “We’re still thinking about it and haven’t announced a PS3 version, so we can’t say more about […]

  • Capcom thinking of other platforms for Lost Planet 2

    Capcom’s Jun Takeuchi has told GameDaily that Capcom’s considering other platforms for Lost Planet 2. The game’s currently only confirmed for PC and Xbox 360, bt Takeuchi said that the firm is “currently investigating other platforms”. He also discussed the current economic climate, saying he felt that the game industry is relatively safe despite the […]

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