Joy Ride

Xbox Live demos: Apache, Joyride, Rock Band 3

Microsoft has released a few demos for you to try out over the weekend.

Joy Ride headlines

  • Check out this Joy Ride montage video from TGS

    Microsoft has released a montage of Joy Ride scenes and gameplay for TGS. Get it below.

  • Kinect Sports, Joy Ride trailered, soccer mom thrashes children

    Microsoft put out montage trailers of both Joyride and Kinect Sports this morning, showing one woman soundly beating both a small boy and young girl. She really takes them to school.

  • gamescom 2010 – Microsoft Play Day shots

    Microsoft has released some assets from its gamescom Play Day and we’ve got ’em for you below the break.

  • Report - Microsoft racer Joy Ride to launch with Natal

    Microsoft’s arcade racer Joy Ride is being reported as a Natal launch title by a retail source close to CVG.

  • Joy Ride is free to download, uses Avatars, has micro-transactions

    Big Park plans to release a new Xbox Live title this holiday season called Joy Ride which will be downloadable for free and you can continue playing through micro-transactions later on. In the MMO-ish game, you can use your Avatar to race around in vehicles and explore the game. To make money, the game will […]

  • Xbox Live's Joy Ride - a movie

    Microsoft’s released a movie of Joy Ride, the free-to-download Xbox Live Avatard racer announced in yesterday’s E3 press conference. Looks fun. You can “drive your Avatar wild,” apparently. Fancy. Take a look. It’s out this winter.

  • Xbox pages listed for Halo: Reach, Alan Wake, more

    Certain Xbox Achievements for unannounced games popped up thanks to Some of these are Halo; Reach, Joy Ride, and Shadow Complex. The list is currently blank, so were are unsure what exactly the achievements consists of, or when any of these are coming out. E3 starts today though, and the Microsoft Conference in just […]