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Star Wars tech demo shows a fighting game intended for original Xbox

Here’s something you may not have known about: a Star Wars fighting game was in development for the original Xbox at Studio Gigante. Footage of its tech demo was posted online by Robomodo president and co-founder Josh Tsui, and it shows a fight between Darth Maul and Anakin Skywalker. The game was being pitched to […]

8 years ago

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  • Robobmodo: Tony Hawk: Ride peripheral is so advanced it's worth the higher price

    Robobmodo’s Josh Tsui has said that the new peripheral for Tony Hawk: Ride will up the ante in the game peripheral market.Speaking with, Tsui told the site that the final design of the skateboard peripheral will be consumer friendly with a white finish and will be worth the higher price compared to standard software.“It’s […]

    12 years ago