Joseph Olin

Olin: Those that forget DS is the number one portable are “silly”

Joseph Olin, president of the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences, has reminded us that while Apple sells a gazillion Apps and games for iPod and iPhone, Nintendo DS is still number one when it comes to portable gaming.

11 years ago

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    The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences has become increasingly relevant in recent years, with its DICE-based “gaming Oscars” now easily the industry’s most prestigious annual awards ceremony. While the core is always well-rewarded at the event, the AIAS is a over-arching affair, meaning games that don’t involve shooting people in the face are considered […]

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    Las Vegas expo DICE has sold out, the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences confirmed this morning, a week before it’s to start.The summit, held at the Red Rock Resort from February 17-20, will include speeches from EA’s John Riccitiello, Capcom’s Jun Takeuchi and Bethesda’s Todd Howard.“DICE was designed to be an open, collegial and […]

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  • AIAS' Olin: Blu-ray not long-term advantage for PS3

    Speaking to Gamasutra, Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences president Joseph Olin has claimed that PS3’s Blu-ray drive may not be the winning asset Sony had hoped.“I look at Blu-ray being the obvious short-term differentiator, but if everything goes to digital download – and over time, it will – then the Blu-ray device no longer […]

    12 years ago