Jonathan Coulton

Glee uses Jonathan Coulton cover without permission, composer considering legal action

Glee, the all singing and dancing comedy series by FOX has used one of Jonathan Coulton’s music covers without permissions, prompting the composer to consider legal action against the broadcaster. Coulton, who is known among gamers as the composer of Portal’s eponymous track ‘Still Alive’ is understandably none too pleased.

8 years ago

Jonathan Coulton headlines

  • Portal's 'Still Alive' was originally halfway through the game

    Portal is iconic for many reasons: the taxing puzzles, wicked sense of humour and of course Jonathan Coulton’s big closing number ‘Still Alive’, sung by maniacal AI GladOS. But did you know that it wasn’t originally supposed to be at the end of the game? Find out what happened below.

    8 years ago
  • Concerts and exhibitors announced for PAX East

    Concerts and exhibitors were announced today for PAX East, and if you thought Jonathan Coulton wouldn’t be there again – you’ve lost some nerd cred with us.

    11 years ago