John Pleasants

Disney Interactive co-president John Pleasants resigns

Disney Interactive co-president John Pleasants has tendered his resignation, citing the untenability of twin leadership.

7 years ago

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  • Disney acquires casual developer Playdom for $563.2 million

    Disney announced today it has acquired the online social gaming company Playdom Inc. for $563.2 million.

    10 years ago
  • John Pleasants joins social games firm Playdom as CEO

    Former EA COO John Pleasants has joined social games developer Playdom as its new CEO.Co-founder and current CEO Dan Yue will take the position of chief product officer, and says Pleasants’ experience overseeing Pogo, Rupture, mobile games, and EA’s social gaming made him a good choice.“Online gaming is the fastest-growing sector of the gaming industry, […]

    12 years ago
  • Games as services concept will radically alter industry, says EA boss

    As games become services, EA COO John Pleasants has told Venturebeat, the standard model of how the general development industry operated will be thrown out the window. Probably into a “dumpster”.“If you believe all games will eventually be services — as I do — then the idea of game teams that make a game, ship […]

    12 years ago
  • Dead Space: Extraction will not use Wii MotionPlus

    EA has confirmed that Dead Space: Extraction will not be using MotionPlus when it releases for Wii.While EA’s John Pleasants was wowing the crowd over at the 2009 Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference, he did mention the game in almost the same breath as the firm’s Wii MotionPlus plans, causing a bit of confusion […]

    12 years ago
  • EA to invest $150 million in digital distribution this year

    In an earnings call following some nasty second quarter financials yesterday, EA boss John Riccitiello said the firm is to spend $150 million on digital distribution models in the current financial year.“In the future we see slower growth in the basic packaged goods business, and higher margins, greater growth and reduced cyclicality with these new […]

    12 years ago
  • EA gets new COO

    EA has appointed games industry virgin John Pleasants as president, global publishing and chief operating officer, the latest step in CEO John Riccitiello’s mega-plan to take over the world.This is a phenomenal opportunity and there’s no better time to be joining EA,” said John Pleasants. “John Riccitiello and the team at EA have laid out […]

    13 years ago